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Growtopia Beginner Tips to Earn World Locks
« on: April 20, 2020, 09:20:11 AM »
In this post, I will be posting some tips of how to get rich for beginners. What I mean beginner is someone who's kinda new to this game and has less than 10 Growtopia Items . There are some methods of earning World Locks for beginner. Let's get started!

1. Tapjoy

(Note: this only works on android or mobile phone) Tapjoy is a series of quest which you have to accomplish to get gems. You might be saying, how do we get tapjoy? Well to access tapjoy you press Earn free gems, and if you want to earn more gems then the one on the page. Press on the top Earn extra rewards ( as known as the diamond. )

2. Farming

You might thing farming is boring but hey! If it's for the world lock I would spice things up abit. When you stat off an account you have nothing except a punch tool and a wrench. Exit the starter World and create a empty world that isn't Locke do by anyone. Then follow these steps:

-Gather A lot of dirt seeds and rock seed (50 each?)

- Splice the Dirt seed and rock seed (Creates grass )

- punch the grass and keep replanting till you get 100 grass seed. ( don't replant the whole seed you get plant half) If you have cave background seed and dirt seed leftovers then make door seed and do the same process as the grass seed one.

The calculator is pretty straightforward and simple to use. Once you get to the level where you can start farming effectively, you can start your plan. Your inputs are on the left and the end calculations are on the right. First, you need to know what you’re working with. Tally up your seeds and put that down in the calculator.

Next is the number of blocks that you’ve smashed before farming. You need to also input the maximum seeds planted per farm. Then put in your times farmed. Item rarity is next, so if your seeds are of higher quality it will affect your growth time.

Lastly, input your maximum blocks per visible fruit. The optional parts of the calculations are items that you can earn that will also impact your overall farming time, such as harvesters, emerald locks, clovers and items that increase your experience gain.

Once you’ve got all your resources accounted for, check the results on the right side. The calculator will show you how many seeds you should expect to earn, total gems, total experience, smashed blocks, growing time, and the effects of your optional items if you’re using them.

It’s a great way to maximize your resources and help with your future farming plans. It’s a drag waiting around for things to grow and driving yourself crazy watching plants will probably sour you on the game. Get the most out of your game time and don’t stress about your downtime.

Use the time you would normally spend pacing around your plants and explore. Find expansions for your future farming endeavors. Plot and scheme to become the farming mogul you know you want to be. Get all the gems and experience. All of it!

Use the calculator to its fullest extent and start rolling in the gems and experience. Accumulate your wealth and get special items, be the envy of your friends. Flex on your PvP foes with your mad farming swag. It’s all down to figuring out what you can get with what you have, and expanding on it.

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Re: Growtopia Beginner Tips to Earn World Locks
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2020, 02:07:25 PM »
I loved this game when I played in the earlier days of its creation. You could do a lot, meet up with friends, roleplay, and create worlds. It had a lot to offer. It's a great game that was worked on hard by the developers. However I've been disappointed by it lately. Every time I login, hoping to find interesting worlds I could visit and meet new people. All I see are servers with multiple casino worlds piled atop of each other. Nothing but casinos. I've yet to see anything done about this.
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