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SFC/SNES Myth Card still not working =)


Hi, I baught SNES myth cart + Neo3-SD cart one or two years ago, and i want to make it work again. When i baught it there was no problems, and now, i don't manage to make it work. Here is some screenshots from neo2 manager v1.30 (the card is plugged to my compuyter by USB with the NEO 3-SD inside. I hope that someone will have an idea =) I have tried to burn at least 4 different versions of the menu.


Seems like you followed the neo3sd guide(,7488.0.html) , but :
#0 : Be more specific : WHAT doesn't work? The menu doesn't load up or the programmer won't write the menu ?
#1 : Did you install the correct usb drivers (it matters since the installer fails for most of us -- look @ drivers directory in programmer's installation directory and make sure
to remove the old first)
#2 : Are you trying to import games on the card via programmer ? If so don't even bother since there's no flash memory on neo3sd.

Hi again I tried not to switch off the battries but the aircraft still went off after some time...what am i doing wrong? Sorry to bother you


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