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Legendary Lee Kun Hee, the late president of Samsung



Lee Kun Hee appointed President of Samsung Group His family is estimated to be the richest in South Korea. Has a net worth of up to US $ 40.8 billion. By Forbes Magazine

Lee Kun Hee is the third child of Lee Byung chull, the founder of Samsung Group. To export products, food processing and textiles, Samsung began entering the electronics industry in the late 1960s.

Lee Kun Hee left the company in April 2008 after a budget scandal involving Samsung. But was reinstated in March 2010, then in 2014 he suffered a heart attack and had to be hospitalized.

On October 25, 2020, Lee Kun Hee died of a heart attack after more than six years of treatment at the age of 78.

Ms. Lee's death was worth more than The $ 65,356,598,329 from Forbes is set to give investors interested in his original restructuring in Samsung companies such as Samsung Life Insurance and Samsung Electronics. Lee owns 20.76% of the insurance company and is Samsung Electronics' largest shareholder with a share of 4.18%.

For the departure of the showdown, we must express our condolences on the loss. For further action, it will be like to wait for the next move from Samsung.

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