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The final curve "Biden" is also a "Trump" waiting to win results on this Nov. 3.



With just a week left for Americans to step into the booth to elect the 46th president who will determine the future of the United States four years from now amid fierce competition between slotxo President Donald Trump. present Republican Representative with Democratic nominee Joe Biden Former Vice President Barack Obama and a longtime veteran in US politics, In Focus this week will take you to the ground of the US presidential election. To count down to the opening day at the same time

* Compare punch to punch policies
As the elections drew near The main thing that most American voters are interested in and are considering in their decision-making is the policy of each candidate. The BBC News Agency has compared and summarized various policies. Of the two contenders as follows

Coronavirus - Trump proposed the White House's coronavirus force be set up in late January, saying he would change operational goals to He is also concerned with the development of treatments and vaccines against the virus. By pouring over ten billion dollars into the project Biden wants a national infection detection program to be established. By setting up at least 10 disease detection centers in every state across the country And provide virus detection services to all citizens free of charge It also shows support for wearing masks in public places.

Climate Policy - Trump has made it clear that he is skeptical of climate change. And want to expand the use of wasted energy It aims to increase drilling for oil and gas. It also relaxed policy to protect the environment. And at the same time insists on withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, an international agreement on climate change. The United States is set to formally exit the membership state later this year. Biden has made a commitment in this matter that As soon as he was elected president He will join the Paris Agreement once again. It wants the US to become a net zero-carbon country by 2050, and announces the termination of oil and gas drilling contracts on public lands. And will spend more than two billion US dollars on green energy.

Economic Policy - Trump pledged to create more than 10 million jobs in 10 months and create more than a million new small businesses. Including income tax reduction And tax breaks for companies to incentivize them to keep jobs in the United States. While Biden wanted to raise taxes on high income earners. To be used in public service This tax increase will affect individuals making over $ 400,000 a year. At the same time, he encouraged to increase the minimum wage from the current $ 7.25 per hour to $ 15 per hour.

Health Policy - Trump wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, that was introduced in the days of former President Barack Obama, which increased government regulation. Central access to the private health insurance system Including announcing that Refusing to care for people with preexisting disease It is illegal He claims that changes are needed to make the system better. Biden wants to protect and expand the use of health insurance laws. And reduce the age of people with access to Medicare (Medicare), a policy sponsored by the US federal government. It was previously stated that eligible persons must be 65 or older to be age 60 or older. He also wanted all Americans to have the option to apply for a health plan that is similar to: Medicare too

Foreign policy - Trump has reiterated its intention to lower the level of U.S. forces stationed in countries and to fund the military. Ready to stand up to challenge even with allied countries As well as continue to use the trade tariff policy on China While Biden promised he would restore relations with the US allies. It will also remove the unilateral taxes levied against China and make China a coalition between countries.

Racial policies and the police system - Trump said He does not believe that racism is a structural problem that lies within the US police force. With a stance that it is a supporter of law enforcement Despite not agreeing with the neck lock And offered to invest in better training Biden said racism was a structural problem. And police policies show the racial inequality within the justice system. In the meantime Biden refused to cut statements or dissolve the police department.

Firearms Policy - Trump has made a broad interpretation. For the constitution on the right to possess arms But he does offer a backward background check of people who wish to buy a gun. After the shooting in 2019, although no concrete action has been taken yet. Biden proposed to ban the use of weapons of mass destruction. And want to have a background check Limited weapon possession He will also encourage research to prevent gun violence against gun violence.

Appointment of Justice of the Supreme Court Trump insists he has a constitutional right to appoint a vacant judge during his first term. And nominated Conservative Judge Amy Coney Barrett as the new Supreme Court judge. It is seen that it may cause further problems in the issue of abortion rights in the United States. Which is something Trump and Judge Barrett disagree with. Biden wants a new Supreme Court nomination to take place after the election. He stated that If he is elected president He will work to pass a bill that recognizes women 'right to abortion.

* Americans view "Biden" over "Trump" in both debates.
The highlight of every US presidential election is the counter-stage or debate, which is customary for the presidential and vice presidential candidates. Must come out to show a vision in various fields Against the Americans Statistics show that debates can often result in a candidate's popular score going up or down overnight.

The first debate between Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic contender Joe Biden. Was held in Ohio on Tuesday, Sept. 29 at 9:00 p.m. US time. Or corresponds to Wednesday, Sept. 30, at 8:00 a.m. Thai time, with Fox News correspondent Chris Walles. Moderator And took 90 minutes to debate

The first debate was in a very spicy atmosphere. Because both sides used different words And interrupt with each other most of the time Until making the moderator Be reminded to keep both of them calm and not overexerting. Because it is a live broadcast which is being watched by people all over the world

After the debate is completed CNN Television Station Revealed the results of a public opinion poll on the debate round, found that 6 out of 10 of the audience of the debate considered that Biden had the best debate, and only 28% saw it. Trump debates at its best This is similar to when there were debates in 2016 during Trump. And Mrs. Clinton As a result, 62% of the debate audience said Hillary did the best in debate, and only 27% saw the Trump debate best.

As for the second debate The original, which was scheduled to be held on Oct. 15 in Miami, Florida, has been canceled. After the US President's Candidate Organizing Committee requested to change the debate format to online. Of concerns about Trump's health problems. Which was found to be infected with COVID-19 And is in the process of healing But Trump has denied joining the debate in any form.

The final debate between Trump and Biden was held at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee in the evening of Thursday, Oct. 22 (9:00 p.m.). United States or on Friday morning, Oct. 23 (8.00) Thai time by Chris Ten Welker, correspondent of NBC television And the White House correspondent Served as the host

For this final debate Little has changed the rules. Because in the first debate, Trump used a meditative approach to interrupt Biden's speech. Which despite being successful But it is boring for Americans in general. Causing the debate management committee to decide to authorize the emcee to silence the participants of the debate While the other party was speaking As a result, the debate is somewhat smoother than the first round. By Trump has a more modest attitude. In the first round, Trump spent a total of 41 minutes, while Biden spoke almost 38 minutes, quite different from the first round where Trump interrupted Biden almost every minute.

After the debate, CNN Instant Poll revealed the results of the audience poll. Which most people found that Biden showed a better vision than Trump. 53% of the debate audience said Biden won the debate, while 39% said Trump had won. However, the debate results were better for Trump. Because in the first debate, only 28% of viewers thought Trump was the winner of the debate.

* Recent poll shows Trump has a popular vote behind Biden, but Swing State remains an eye on it.
At this minute, all polls are deciding in the same direction that Joe Biden will win the upcoming US presidential election. Whether it was the BBC's latest poll giving Biden a Trump lead of 51% to 43%, or even the Guardian's poll, which indicated Biden's popular rating was 51.8% high. Than Trump's popular score of 42.3%.

However, public opinion polls across the country It remains unable to determine who will become the next US president. As happened in the last election in 2016, the results of the survey at the time indicated that Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. It has nearly three million more votes than Donald Trump, who represents Republicans, but Hillary was defeated in the election. Because the US uses a so-called election system. Electoral College, each state has different electoral numbers. Depending on the population of that state The person who will win an election must be given votes from the electoral bodies of different states. A total of at least 270 votes out of 538 votes.

In past elections, candidates from either Democrats or Republicans have had their own state of voice. Also known as the Safe State, which can be predicted to grab


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