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For the first time, the PlayStation 4 has shipped 113.8 million units worldwide.



The PlayStation 4 was originally released in 2013, seven years long and it is fitting that consoles will enter a new era in the PlayStation 5 that will be released slotxo in November. But before that, Sony announced results for the last three months of the year that the PlayStation 4 had shipped 113.8 million units worldwide.

According to Sony's statistics until September 30, 2020, the PlayStation 4 shipped 1.5 million units and sold 80.9 million units in the second quarter. It also has 45.9 million PlayStation Plus users, which is 9 million more than the previous budget. It also sold 80.9 million software units, with 59% of digital purchases, which is 45% more than last year, and shows that more players are turning to digital games.

Although the PlayStation 5 will be released in the coming weeks, Sony has confirmed that it will continue to support the PlayStation 4 for a long time, with the latest exclusive games like Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Horizon Forbidden West will also be released for PS4, so PS4 players can still trust that there will be thousands of new games to play and the current games to play today.


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