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Magatsu Wahrheit officially launched Global version.



And now it's ready for the official service of the latest mobile phone game Mobimon has teamed up with the Japanese giant KLab to bring the Magatsu Wahrheit game to the global format to allow gamers all over. The world has touched each other, the game will support English. A few days earlier, pre-registration was officially opened through stores in different countries. Including our country

So today, when the game is ready to be officially released, it will be available for download through the Thai store as well, both the Google Play Store and the App Store of both systems. It is another game of choice for mobile platformers who are bored of it. Look for new games, play now.

Magatsu Wahrheit Basically, the game offers RPG games, but the gameplay is designed to be turn based real-time combat. Broadsword, Knight: Shield, Priest: Book, Hunter: Edge, Wizard: Rod and Gunner: Gun.

We have to choose one of these professions to take on the role, and in the game there will be a variety of gameplay modes, including adventure-based solo adventures. Various types of dungeons It is special that there must be some systems that can be played in a Co-op Online fight with up to 4 people ever.

And one of the main features that will make you feel the pleasure of playing this game is A team of voice actors who provide Japanese voices for various characters. Has brought together famous people who have made it into the voice of various characters Within this game there are many, for example Morikawa Toshiyuki, Kakihara Tetsuya, Sawashiro Miyuki, or Kawasumi Ayako.

In addition to that, Masaru Yokoyama takes care of creating the game's music to have the best atmosphere, making Magatsu Wahrheit a puzzle game where players will have to find the truth behind the mystery of what it is. Which is unique to video games from Japan

But I would like to say that the game itself has a dark tone image format. But the graphics, characters It will be in beautiful 3D format, another new option for bored gamers wanting to try a new direct-flying game from Japan that was released by KLab Games, and now there is a Global version to play.

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