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The new SNK Super MVS plus 2011 version released

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The new SNK Super MVS Convertor plus 2011 version released

new feature:
* Auto adjust the SNK screen parameter,not need manual adjust anymore
* Support chip core upgrade via NDP
* Support more games and more stable

the plus version details:

you can find the 2 upgrade ports and one USB port on the bottom

CORE A port and CORE B port is for the different core chip A & B

please note, the USB port is unavailable on the current PLUS version

how to connect the NDP to upgrade:

top view

plus version lable view

this button is for factory testing only,not for user

the retail packing

IN STOCK NOW, the old black version have stop to produce.

where can I purchase this?

You can purchase it here:  ~sm-36.gif~

I have bought one.

PS : my fist post since 2005 Oo, your Control Code is impossible... really, look :

My review :

edit : french review ^^


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