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New SNK ARCADE MVS Magic Key released!

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New SNK ARCADE MVS  Magic Key released!

Here is neo team new product: SNK MVS Magic Key + MVS convertor 2in1 !

NEO SNK MVS-Magic Key Spec:

* MVS to AES convertor function, let your AES home console to play the MVS arcade cartridge (not support the clone multi MVS cartridge)
* SNK game cheat code,support all SNK MVS original arcade cartridge
* SNK game region select,it can change something in the game,like the language and "FATFURY" motion efect
* 8Mb game rom is modifiable
* Can upgrade Magic Key BIOS via USB port, plug and upgrade
* Can upgrade the CPLD hard core via NDP kit

[1] Product view

[2] How to use? Very simple, just need insert the MVS cart to the NEO MVS Magic Key, then plug into the SNK console,power on, that's all.

[3] When power on the neogeo console, it will show one menu to let you select which game region you want with this game , use A/B/C button to select it.

Note: If you press this button and turn on NEOGEO console, it'll bypass the Magic Key function and run as a normal original SNK cartridge.

[4] If you don't do anything it will auto pass after few seconds and use the default game region to start the game.

[5] In the game , you can press "SELECT"+"START" buttons together to call the cheat code menu out in any time.

[6] Use button "A" to enable which cheat code you want to active, use "UP" and "DOWN" pad to move, and press button "C" to return to game and play continue.

[7] Now you can see the cheat code working :P

[8] If you want to disable the current cheat code function, press "SELECT"+"START" in any time, then you can back to cheat code menu again.

[9] Use button "A" to disable the cheat code, or use button "B" to disable all cheat code at once.

[10] Now the game back to the normal mode.

[11] This device support all MVS original games, here is some more screenshots.

[12] The retail packing.

How to upgrade the SNK Magic Key BIOS file

[1] Firstly you need install the "The SMS4 & MD & N64 & SNES & PC-E Myth flash cart_ Pro programmer V1.30 [Jan.15 2012] .exe" , if you have installed it already just pass this step.

[2] Unzip the "snk magic key bios file.rar" , you will get 3 files:
Neo-SNK-MagicKey_8Mb.xml and 2 BIN files.
Copy these 2 BIN files to the "D:\" folder , and copy "Neo-SNK-MagicKey_8Mb.xml" this file to "C:\Program Files (x86)\NEO2\Manager\Kernal_Kit\BATCH" this folder IF your system is WIN7 ; otherwise copy it to "C:\Program Files\NEO2\Manager\Kernal_Kit\BATCH" .

[3] Then click and run the "NEO2 Kit Kernal" from your PC desk

[4] Now you can see this app screen.

[5] Use the USB cable to link the SNK Magic-Key and PC USB port,please ignore the error message.

[6] Press the "Start To Burn" button, then start to upgrade MagicKey bios, please note the LED of MagicKey will not light during the whole BIOS upgrade process.

[7] It will start to verify after the burning complete.

[8] When it done, you can plug it into your console to enjoy the MagicKey with new BIOS function.

If you have any more question, please visit our forum ---
--- NeoTeAm 2012

online manual ---

looks awesome will post news on dcemu :)

Does this still have the same scaling issues as the previous converter?

Having previously bought a Super MVS II Converter it had scaling issues with games like Art of Fighting and Samurai Showdown etc.

I don't want to buy another product for $238 that has the same issues.

Just received mine. No scaling issue this time !

Do i need to update it with the firmware found on the CD ?



--- Quote from: Silpheed on March 16, 2013, 10:42:35 PM ---Just received mine. No scaling issue this time !

Do i need to update it with the firmware found on the CD ?


--- End quote ---

sure, the scaling issue just exist in the past NEO converter V1, the 2011 version have solved  this issue perfectly already, now the neo magic key is 2013 version, the #3 generation :D

you don't need update the firmware from CD,it's same with your current one. but we have v2.0 beta firmware solved the AOF2 cheat code issue perfectly  (thanks RAZ a lot  :-*), if you want to test please PM me,will mail to you for testing, the final version is coming soon.  ~sm-57.gif~.gif


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