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NEO SNK MagicKey v2 bios update [7th.May 2013]


NEO SNK MagicKey v2 bios update [7th.May 2013]


 - Changed the Region select screen layout, now use A+B+C to change region.
 - Region and cheats auto disable themselves if a Universe Bios is installed.
 - System region is the default region used by the converter (see notes below).
 - Entry and exit from the cheat menu is cleaner.
 - Changed Red color in the cheat menus to Yellow.

Issues fixed.

 - Art of Fighting 2 now works without the need of using the button on the converter.
 - Region select now shows correctly if game used is an original KOF 2003.
 - Region select now shows correctly if game used is KOF 10th anniversary extra plus.



 - Install 'The SMS4 & MD & N64 & SNES & PC-E  Myth flash cart_ Pro programmer V1.30 [Jan.15 2012].exe'
    from the included CD with the converter if you have not done so already (its in the root dir).

 - Place 'MagicKey_v2_bios.xml' to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\NEO2\Manager\Kernal_Kit\BATCH' or
    'C:\Program Files\NEO2\Manager\Kernal_Kit\BATCH' depending on your operating system.

 - Place both MagicKey_v2_main.bin' and 'MagicKey_v2_verify.bin' to your root 'C' drive.

 - Run 'NEO2 Kit Kernal' from your PC desktop (or located in the NEO2 Manager folder from start menu).

 - Choose 'MagicKey_v2_bios.xml' from the list on the right if it has not been auto selected.

 - Attach USB lead to connect converter to PC (ignore the error message).

 - Press the 'start to run' button and let the device program and verify.

 - Process complete.



The default region on the AES bios will be the default region shown on the MagicKey screen
at power on. You have the ability to change the default region by altering both BIN files
using the information below. USE WITH CARE!!!! If in doubt do not change!!!!

 - To set default region Japanese -- Patch 0xE02B0 from 0x714e to 0x0070
 - To set default region U.S.A. ---- Patch 0xE02B0 from 0x714e to 0x0170
 - To set default region Europe ---- Patch 0xE02B0 from 0x714e to 0x0270

You must apply the patch to both 'MagicKey_v2_main.bin' and 'MagicKey_v2_verify.bin'.

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Just patched !

Works like a charm :)

Thank you very much.

I'm attempting to patch mine but this keeps happening:

Bulk Writting file C:\MagicKey_v2_main.bin
Addrss:0x0, Length:0x200000 byte
Bulk Write File Time-Out!
Bulk Write File Failed!

And now the only way I can get the converter to work is if I hold the black button that skips all the magic key stuff.  :-\

Any help? How can I restore my Magic Key?

3 solutions:

1. download the last v1.32 neo pro manager and install, then use the kernel to burn menu again.
2. plug the usb cable to the main board back-side USB port, to link the magickey.
3. try it on other PC;


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