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Neo SNK AES Magic Key 2013 version Released


Neo SNK AES Magic Key 2013 version Released

NEO SNK AES-Magic Key Spec:
* SNK game cheat code,support all SNK AES original games
* SNK game region select,it can change something in the game,like language and the "FATFURY" motion efect
* 8Mb game rom is modifiable
* Can upgrade Magic Key BIOS via USB port, plug and upgrade
* Can upgrade the CPLD hard core via NDP kit

[1] Product view

[2] How to use? Very simple, just need insert the AES cart to the NEO AES Magic Key, then plug into the SNK console,power on,that's all.

[3] When power on the neogeo console, press down A+B+C buttons together, it will show one menu to let you select which game region you want with this game , use A/B/C button to select it.

Note: If you press this button and turn on NEOGEO console, it'll bypass the Magic Key function and run as a normal original SNK cartridge.

[4] If you don't do anything it will auto pass after few seconds and use the default game region to start the game.

[5] In the game , you can press "SELECT"+"START" buttons together to call the cheat code menu out in any time.

[6] Use button "A" to enable which cheat code you want to active, use "UP" and "DOWN" pad to move, and press button "C" to return to game and play continue.

[7] Now you can see the cheat code working :P

[8] If you want to disable the current cheat code function, press "SELECT"+"START" in any time, then you can back to cheat code menu again.

[9] Use button "A" to disable the cheat code, or use button "B" to disable all cheat code at once.

[10] Now the game back to the normal mode.

[11] This device support all AES original games, here is one more screenshot.

[12] The retail packing.

The new 2013 version have changed the case color to GREEN,here is some retail photos:
We have made the professional  SNK socket for the 2013 new version,working more stable and plug socket more smooth! This socket had spent us 12 month to made !  :(

The 2013 version MagicKey for AES.

Come with the last menu v2.0


How to use the "NEO2 Kit Kernal" to upgrade the Neo SNK Magickey menu?

Firstly, you need to download the Neo2 Pro Manager v1.32  from this link:,7645.0.html and install it.

1. Use the USB cable to link the PC and Magickey;

2. Click the "NEO2 Kit Kernal" icon on the desk screen and execute, and please ignore the error warning message;

3. Select the "Flash_ID.xml" and click the "Start To Run" button;
    If the program report the ID is "00 89 00 17", then select "SNK_MagicKey_v2_bios.xml" this code to run;
    If the program report the ID is "00 89 88 C3", then select "SNK_MagicKey_v2-1602C3B.xml" this code to run;

4. Done.     
--- NeoTeAm 2013


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