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Mk2/Mk3 development discontinued???

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Sorry about accidentally removing the existing thread (hit the wrong button)....

As global moderators, we keep everyone updated to new events to the best of our knowledge.  The fact is the dev team doesn't speak to us, so we really don't have ANY idea when a new menu release is going to happen.  That means we're basically in the same boat as everyone else as far as new information here (and our extremely limited influence consists of bugging Dr. Neo, the administrator, about the issue).  And he has continued to maintain that a new menu version 1.0 is coming, without providing any specific timeframe.

The rest of our free time here we spend answering general questions, providing support for users with problems, testing, and reporting bugs.

I purchased my mk3 (neomax) like everyone else here.  I would like to see a new menu release (probably more than most people since I spent a lot of  time doing the testing and reporting bugs, which haven't been fixed as of now, and will hopefully finally be resolved).


i agree
i stick around looking for news but i can't find anything about the new version for my MK2006 :(

how can something be discontinued when it has only ever been in beta?
perhaps if they stopped bringing new things out and finished the ones they've already sold then they wouldn't be in beta.
I've never buy anything of their's again and neither will anybody I know.
the whole situation is disgusting. Have they ever heard about laws about selling things that are  not fit for the purpose they were sold for? Has anybody ever heard of hardware being sold when the sofware was ever only in beta? Oh well, I can always use it as a door stop that's about all it's good for. I advise anybody who's thinking of buyng a nero product not to bother.

For Heaven's Sake !

He's making a Neo2/3 menu and we the [ stupids ] owners of MK3s are still being left forgotten.

Dr. Neo doesn't even tries posting a word on this thread. ::sm-16.gif::

According to Dr. Neo, it's coming out after the initial neo2 menu.  Also, Dr. Neo says mk2/mk3 will use the same neo2 core.....,2985.msg21266.html#msg21266



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