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That's IT! Selling MK3!!!

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Ive had MK3 for sooo long now and there is still no newer menu, i really want to play metroid, the haccked version :) but  i cant w8 no longer y is it there any new menu.!

Very unhappy customer......just update the menu!!! or im selling MK3 (i used to recommend it to my friends but compatibility tooo low.)

I bought MK3 then neo-2 sd comes out, why cant you just make mk3 better than just making us buy something else!? ::sm-06.gif::

Good luck suckering someone into buying it.

I agree.  My MK2 only had a life of about 2 weeks because it couldn't do as much as it was boasted to do. Not that the hardware is inferior but it is the menu that can not do very much.  Like you, I am giving up on Neo. I am not going to support them any more.  Goodbye Neo.  Thanks for selling me a product with a pre-version1 menu and dropping us all.

Ditto, as I have previously posted, I am out of here for a Supercard......only use for MK3 is to boot the Supercard until I can afford a passkey!!!


 I spent  $230  for my neo max MK3 with 1G kingston SD  and i also got MK4 with a 512 mb flash cart for $80,  a mk1 with 1024 mb flash cart for $150  and i got the 512mb MK1 when it first cam out for about $250. Thats a total of over $700!!! and for what?
    With only about a 1 - 3% compatability (if that) rate with new NDS games, The  MK3 is a waste of time and money.

  so what did i do i? i got a supercard SD for $40 and every game works perfect!!!


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