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MK3 Users Waiting...


Dear mk3 menu developers, for this Christmas Eve I'd like to have a working and largely compatible Menu for my MK3...Is this possible? I bought my mk3 hoping it was the best but I don't really know if it is.
Please, Dr. Neo, demonstrate us all you're the best making us have this final working menu!
We believe in you, so please don't betray us!

HAHA sorry dude, you've been tricked as hell like many of us here, as myself.
You can be rude, you can be kind, nothing is going to make them release a new menu for the MK2/3.

Now go buy a Neo2 and why not wait some more?

Instead of buying a Neo-2 at this point I'd better buy a Supercard or whatelse, right? Which other device is the best? Supercard? Or Superpass? Or what? ??? I'm really tired of all this.... ::sm-16.gif::


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