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NEO MAX+MK3 stopped working?


My neo max kit 1Gb: 512Mb+128Mb zip flash cart, MK3, has worked perfectly with my flashed ds lite, but last night I tried it and it showed two white screens. I checked and everything seems fine I replaced the battery, checked the MK3. Im sure its somethng wrong with the flash cart cause the MK3+neo max wont work on other DSs. Please can someone help me.

 I spent  $230  for my neo max MK3 with 1G kingston SD  and i also got MK4 with a 512 mb flash cart for $80,  a mk1 with 1024 mb flash cart for $150  and i got the 512mb MK1 when it first cam out for about $250. Thats a total of over $700!!! and for what?
    With only about a 1 - 3% compatability (if that) rate with new NDS games, The  MK3 is a waste of time and money.

  so what did i do ?  I got a supercard SD for $40 and every game works perfect!!!

If I cant fix this thats probably what im gonne do, but i still need help.


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