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The new Neoflash team WIKI page


Yay! the new neo wiki page is finally up and ready
for your own additions and flashcart reviews!

Visit the main page of the wiki by clicking this link:


Quick wiki introduction guide
Features of the new NeoWiki page:
-Supports video streaming(Youtube etc)
-Supports BBCode with exceptions(Will list them in this post)
(Now you can add your reviews easily!)
-discussion/comment box(currently off)
-Easy addition of pages/namespaces
-Many other things im forgetting

How to create account
Visit this page and add
your personal information and a valid e-mail address.

Okay now you've made an account , but how do you login?
For security reasons all actions are disabled for non-logged in users.
So in order to login , visit this page.

How to create pages/namespaces

Before editing anything , i suggest to read up the DokuWiki syntax.

Now,once logged in , visit this page
(Warning: Never edit this page)

Remember , once you create a page , always put in the text editor the heading because
i configured it to display the 1st heading as page name.

For example , just add this on the very first line of the text editor:

--- Code: ---===== Page name here =====

--- End code ---

Also another thing , if you have to link the page somewhere always put
the actual page name as a link and not the actual link.

For example if you have created the page with name : "New test" , to link the
page/namespace somewhere do this :

--- Code: ---//Page name reference , link name
[[Neo Test|Neo test page]]\\

//notice the "\\ " , this represents a new line

--- End code ---


--- Code: ---//Page name reference , link name
[[|Neo test page]]\\

--- End code ---

BBCode limitations
-Do not use tags in capital letters.For example "URL" should be "url" and so on.
-"center, hr" are not supported
-Use direct links for images and not thumbnails

What you shouldn't do
Do not put news in text form in the news page.
Instead create a thread here in the forums and then just
put the link(properly formated - see index page source).

End of NeoWiki introduction guide

If you have any questions post them in this thread.
The other 2 threads are locked and link to this official thread.

great work conle...  :-*

next week i add some new stuff. ;) this week i have no time.  ::sm-13.gif::


Very cool!  8)


--- Quote from: ronaldo_76 on February 24, 2010, 03:22:13 AM ---
next week i add some new stuff. ;) this week i have no time.  ::sm-13.gif::


--- End quote ---

By the way , i have added already 1 of your reviews  :
(Only removed the banner , was too big and rendered outside the theme's bounds)


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