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Hello people! MK2 is already in production and very soon finished! Some sample are on way for testing. Now NEO Team will send free MK2 samples to DS Game and App Developers so start hitting your requests in this forum.  But before having all these MK2 mass requests, we would like you to know the following things:

[1] NEO Team supports DS Game and Application Developers. If you are one of them, in order to receive a free MK2 you must provide us with screenshots and a working ROM demo of your project; we dont require a completed one, although it must be in a 50% of its completion or fully playable/workable. After providing us your project we will test it and decide if you will get a free MK2 to continue with your project. This offer also requires you to put the MK2 banner in your website, if you have one.

[2] If you really have a popular gaming site, then you are probably eligable to receive a free MK2. When you post about it, please included detailed information about your unique visitors, # forum members and a screenshot of your website statistics page. We ask two things in return, one is to put a banner in your main page for at least 6 months visible, and second to make a review and post it in your site. You will receive MK2 after putting the MK2 banner .

[3] All requests are investigated carefully, so all invalid tries will not pass. A simple NDS forum/website will not get you a free MK2 except you are a well-know coder or programmer , so please dont post a website you just made. In such case your post might be deleted to avoid confusions in this mass-requests category. You are informed.

[4] Please give us some time before we reply you. All requests will be examined and sorted in a timely manner. Sometimes we might even need up to 15 days to reply. Please understand and dont double post to get attraction.

[5] If everything goes OK and we are both satisfied with our co-operation, you will become a member of NEO Core Team and we will keep to sending you ALL future products FREE for review and development, just like the Diskun.

[6] Please for now use one of the following banners below this message once you have been ACCEPTED, please DONT put the banner to your site before you ask the free MK2. This is just a security routine to avoid frauds. Soon we will have more banners to provide.

Thank you for your time. Enjoy MK2! 8)
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Re: Free MK2 Announcement and Importand Notes before requesting! (Revised)
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i have make some small revise:)

and you can see ALL NEO and MK banner in this page:
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