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Hello I am making a game of Star Wars based on the galaxian.       
Actually he lacks to put new Sprites, a pause menu, add more enemies and solve some bugs.   
Main Menu the opcion are Start, Lives (don't work) and Dificult to select use the stylus or arrows up/down and "A". In the difficult menu use the arrows and "select".
Use arrows to move and L/R to fire.
Touch with the stylus to continue

Here is de demo

I have a small  web page with some tutorials to program the NDS (in spanish)
this is the url

gracias por los tutoriales :)  por fin tengo algo con lo que empezar sin un supertocho xD


thanks for the tutorials :)

Son unos tutoriales bastante Ăștiles para la gente que quiera empezar.

They're some tutorials very userfuls for beginers at dsapps...  ;D

Gracias por el apollo y ya me direis si tienen erorres y demas.


Thank you for the moral support and you will already tell me if they have errors and other.

El tutorial nÂș4 no funciona el link...  ;)

4th tutorial's link doesn't works.  ;)


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