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Can't play 256mbit games from sd (Neo 2 Pro)

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Hi all. Before i'll start about the problem, i'll let you know what i have and tried.
I have a NEO N64 Myth + NEO2 Pro 1024M SD, NTSC N64, 4GB class 10 Transcend SDHC, and 2GB micro sd san disk with adapter.
The n64 myth cart is V3A PCB, CPLD V5, the menu is either 2.2 or 2.4.
Now, the problem is that every 256mbit (32MB) Games refuses to work no matter what i do, it loads the game all the way and then freezes at the end, just when it's supposed to boot, it does work if i run it from flash, but not from sd card. It works with 128mbit games and lower, only 256mbit causes problems.
I tried formatting with neomanager, didn't help, Tried with neocmd, it says there are 2 bad blocks from 1024, but doesn't help too, I tried a different game connected to the back of the myth cart, but doesn't help.
The weird thing is that the 256mbit games used to work just fine from sd, but all of a sudden they just won't work.
The myth cart did cause me problems like this in the past, even with 128 mbit games, but the problems usually went away without doing anything.
what could be the problem? and more importantly, what can i do to fix the problem?

Forgot to mention that i tried changing from .fast to .slow, Also didn't help.
Tried reformatting the sd cards with different allocation unit size, also didn't do good.


--- Quote ---The weird thing is that the 256mbit games used to work just fine from sd, but all of a sudden they just won't work.

--- End quote ---

Sounds like (partially)"broken" zipram.
Conact with the shop & make use of the one year guarantee to get your item fixed...

I'm trying to contact ic2005 but the damn site keeps saying that i entered a wrong verification code even though i can see clearly that i entered it correctly.
I tried writing it from left to right and vice versa, and nada.
Is there anyone here that's connected to ic2005 that i can talk to?

Well, after opening the cart i noticed something strange that leads me to believe i got a refurbished item, i included some pictures.
what is the wire that shows in the pictures? never saw it in any other neomyth cart.


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