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Flash save type Save Manager

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Hi I have an original Pokemon Stadium cartridge. I want to "backup" the save to Neo, and "restore" the save to Pokemon Stadium cartridge.

Back when the neo was released it wasn't possible. Is it possible now?

If no. Would it be possible to backup the _RAM_, and then to restore the RAM to the original cartridge? If you can do this I could save with the fake ram loaded, and get the same result. Correct?

Important. My goal is to remove the original Pokemon Stadium game from neo cart, and use it _alone_ on my N64. "DexDrive" for Pokemon Stadium.

If it is possible, but needs to be programmed, and you can do it, let me know.

It's not done... yet. You can read from the cart flashram for use with the Myth, but I haven't added the opposite way - writing the flashram in the cart. I can add that, but I'm not sure when. Lots to do and little time to do it in...


Hi everyone,

I would like to do the same with my original games, especially with my Pokemon Snap. Is there any progress on this issue?

Greetings from Spain  ~sm-51.gif~.gif


What I want to do is to backup my old savedata from my original cartridge to my PC. I don't know if gia wants to do the same or the opposite because my english level is not very good  :-\

The current save manager allows you to save the save memory on the cart to the SD card. So backing up saves is already here. It's the other direction that's not yet available - reading a save off the SD and writing to the original cart's save memory... mainly because it doesn't seem like a high priority to me. The purpose behind saving the save memory is obvious - you write the save memory from the cart to SD, then use that save file with the Myth. Writing a save back to the original cart doesn't have much utility that I can see at all.

Ok, that is that I want  ;D

But I don't have cart with SD, I only have this:

Can it be done with just it? I need a cart with SD? Is there a guide for do it? I was trying to do it by myself but i couldn't...



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