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I hope I do not come off as a noob but is the Neo Myth 64 a backup device such as V64 or Z64?

The Neo N64 Myth can't make a rom out of your cartridge but it can play any N64 rom on your N64.
It's similar to the Z64/V64 but has way better almost fully automatic savegame management. You just need to plug one cartridge into the back of the Myth and then you can play and save every N64 game.

Maybe in the future it will be possible to create your own roms with the Neo N64 Myth too.

hats off to whoever pulls that off, the cart input is for CIC bypass, the only cart i know of that can back-up game carts is the SNES cart super ufo pro 8

You can backup the save memory of carts plugged into the back of the Myth. That's supported by the current menu. What I need to add is writing saves to the pass-through cart - I've had people that wanted to take a save from the Myth and write it to a real cart so they can continue with the save on the real cart just the same as the Myth.

I asked Dr.neo once about whether there was a pass-through setting for the rom as well as the save, but didn't get an answer - maybe he missed that PM. If there is such a thing, I can easily add backing up a cart on the pass-through to the menu. There may not be such a setting, though. I can understand having a pass-through setting for the save memory... that would allow for saving on a cart with custom save memory, or for keeping the save for a game the same on the cart as for the Myth.

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