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Save Manager info


hi folks
long time no post
hope youre all doing great!
decided to dust off the N64 and NeoMyth
everything still works great!!!


i just cant remember nor can i find info
how the save manager actually works

especially regarding the memory pak

so heres what i see
and if someone can help break this down
id really appreciate it heaps

--- Quote ---4Kb EEPROM on Ext Card
16Kb EEPROM on Ext Card
32Kb SRAM on Ext Card
128Kb FRAM on Ext Card
Raw Mempak
Empty Slot
Empty Slot
Empty Slot
--- End quote ---

first of all
if i want to backup my whole memory pak
i just highlight Raw Mempak and press A
can adjust the filename and make unique copies
got it

so then im a bit scared to
go into a game that can manage the pak
like say Doom64 and clear all the "pages"
to make room for a fat pig like Hexen
lets say

so if i do that and have my Hexen saves
and go into the Save Manager and press A
and make a new backup of my Raw Mempak
can i
then press B to load the .mpk file
and it will automatically replace EVERYTHING???
no need to "clear pages" first???
this kinda scares me
especially this one call EEProm - eep!!! ~sm-83.gif~.gif

i want to get that cleared up before i try it


what is this "Ext Card"?
what exactly is it referring to???
and what is the difference between these saves

is it talking about the save in the "GBA cart"?
i thought that it automatically backed it up on reboot


thanks for reading and i hope someone can clarify

ooh BTW is the firmware/menu ever planned to be updated again?
or can we consider everything "final" now??? ;)

Ext Cart refers to the Cartridge you have plugged into the back of your Neo N64 Myth. Some games don't use the Mempaks to save but use interal save chips. There are 4 variants of those internal save chips, what games have which save chips can be found for example here:

Considering mpk backups, you can use this link to check if a mpk file is valid:
And yes you can overwrite the whole mempak without clearing it first.

quick reply thanks sanni

so i have donkey kong 64 in the back
so i guess US/EU saves are always the same
EEPROM (16 Kbits) and i can keep my saves
not sure what use that is if i cant write them back again

thanks for the clarification
nice to know about having INFINITE memory paks hehee!!!

As an alternative for save game writing to and reading from cartridges you can also try the little program I wrote here:,7512.msg54882.html#msg54882

its cool and maybe i will try it out

is there any issues between PAL and NTSC (regions) ? ? ?

i have a big problem...
my system is a PAL machine


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