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I must be doing something wrong


Good Afternoon,

I bought a Neo Myth N64 some years ago and only used it once.  Now I would like to play Paper Mario but I can't get the game saves to work.

There was no documentation with the cart but reading your forums I think I've done the right thing.  I loaded up the ROM and changed the Save type to FLASH and burn it to the cart - I don't have the SD card version.

When I play the game it does not save.  From what I have read I need to press reset and it copies the save game from the cart to the GBA memory port but then I select the game again there is no save game.

Someone else in the forums had similar problems but I think they updated the firmware to fix it.  I appear to have v4 hardware with v1 firmware.  I'm disappointed that to upgrade it I have to purchase another - once of use - tool for $50.

Can someone please tell me whether I am correct ?

Thanks in advance

Mal Woods

You do need to upgrade the core fw but well the onboard battery could be dead.This is why it is recommended to get an SD gba card.


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