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N64 MYTH with NEO2 PRO 1024Mb - second 512 over writes first 512 when flashing


I am unable to flash and use the whole 1024Mb flash area. For some reason the first 512Mb area keeps getting over written by the second 512Mb area. How to I get 2 512Mb game flashed and playable? I have tried Neo2 Manager 1.30, 1.32A, 1.09 all behave the same way.

I have also tried loading 320Mb games, but for some reason they are taking 512Mb in NeoName menu, even though the ROM reading at the bottom left side of the window is showing the correct amount of ROM being used. As a result the Neo2 Manage will only let me load 2 320Mb game and nothing else, but again only the second of the 2 320Mb game is usable as the first one is overwritten.

How do you gain full use of all 1024Mb, instead of only 512Mb of it?

Here is screenshot of how the ROMs were loaded in the manager. As well as how they show up in the menu. You can see that the first 512Mb ROM area has been over written by the Second 512Mb ROM area in the flash.

Looking at the screenshots you will notice that the ROM which should have been written to bank 512 was actually written to bank 8, and overwrites the ROM that were flash in the first 512Mb.

I loaded 13 32Mb ROMs which should have been under the 512Mb threshold for things getting over written, however, it appear the smallest allocation unit is 64Mb so instead of loading 416Mb of ROM it ended up being 832Mb resulting in 5 banks getting over written.

The bank were loaded in the following order: 0, 1, 2, 192, 4, 320, 384, 448, 8, 576, 640, 704, 768,
Banks 0, 1, 2, 192, and 4 were over written. Bank 512 continues to show up as Bank 8.

The same ROM was written to bank 0 and 8.
The same ROM was written to bank 1 and 576.
The same ROM was written to bank 2 and 640.
The same ROM was written to bank 192 and 704.
The same ROM was written to bank 4 and 768.


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