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Title: [NDS GAME] War of the Weeds
Post by: mollusk on March 21, 2007, 05:21:43 AM
War of the Weeds is an ambitious game in which you guide your weeds through a series of challenges to defend your village. Well, that's the theory ^^ It isn't 100% finished, so actually the correct story mode is pretty much not included, and so you could just see it as a Game compilation...

The whole code is by Mollusk, and the graphs are by Daydream.

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Includes 3 games modes : 1 vs CPU, 1 vs 1, or solo play.
2 player games :
- Atax, which is... an attax clone... You can duplicate your weed by moving by 1 spot, or jump 2 spots. When touching enemy weeds, you convert them. The goal is simple : having more weeds than the opponent in the end...
- Reversi, is, like you would have guessed, a reversi game... Same sort of board game as atax, you need to convert as many weeds to your cause as possible...
- Blocker is a more original game : move around your weed like a chess knight, and plot a rock to avoid opponent movements. Block the opponent to win.

1 vs 1 also features a WIP : Weedshot, which would be (roughly) a worms-like game. It wasn't supposed to be in there, but I left it as a WIP for what will come soon in the next versions ;)

Solo games :
- Hexaweeds : Your weed converts enemy weeds to form a bigger group. You can change your group's color to blend into other groups, getting bigger and bigger... Conquer the whole screen in less than the given number of moves to win :)
- Pop : you have a 11x11 grid of blocks. Pop groups of 2 or more to remove them. Clearing a whole column will make new blocks enter. Get more points than the difficulty level asks for and you win :)
- Water : the water source is located at the center of the screen. Turn the pipes around to water all the weeds. Higher difficulty gives much bigger levels.
- Picross : pretty explicit... Picross on DS ! Yay. Ok, it does have a major flaw : I used levels found on gamefaqs from nintendo picross games for testing purpose and didn't get enough time to add my own levels instead ;). The level won't change until you get the whole grid right
- Fill : simple but pretty addicitive game : move your weed by 3 spots vertically/horizontally, or 2 in diagonal, and try to fill the whole screen. Sounds simple, but is very challenging ;)

Ok, time for the download link ! ( I hope you'll enjoy this game, I know it's far from perfect but I do plan on working much more on it ;)

Have fun !

Title: Re: [NDS GAME] War of the Weeds
Post by: Yonben on March 21, 2007, 05:23:34 AM
I test it and it's an awesome game :)
It's a game who addict you(umm..jsut me? XD) and with  very good graphics.

Good luck and bye
Title: Re: [NDS GAME] War of the Weeds
Post by: Payk on March 21, 2007, 07:43:03 AM
Hhhmh tought about something completly different by that title as it turned out to be :D Still loking interesting ;)
defently gonna give it a shot.
Title: Re: [NDS GAME] War of the Weeds
Post by: sumiguchi on March 21, 2007, 12:03:24 PM
Awesome - hours of fun and looks fantastic!!  ;D

I especially like the different hexaweed gardens :)
Title: Re: [NDS GAME] War of the Weeds
Post by: kukulcan on March 21, 2007, 05:22:36 PM

 ::sm-29.gif:: Well Done Sensei!!!
Title: Re: [NDS GAME] War of the Weeds
Post by: JEenerio on March 21, 2007, 06:16:59 PM
The game is great  :-*

Thumbs up for sir Mollusk!  ;)
Title: Re: [NDS GAME] War of the Weeds
Post by: mollusk on March 21, 2007, 08:37:55 PM
Oh, not that important, but that picross screenshot is horrible. No$gba doesn't seem to manage transparency levels correctly when a 3D layer is used on top, it looks much better on DS ^^ (the lines are much more alphablended)
Title: Re: [NDS GAME] War of the Weeds
Post by: Tassu on March 22, 2007, 08:24:29 PM
Very nice game collection. The graphics are excellent too. Good luck!
Title: Re: [NDS GAME] War of the Weeds
Post by: Sweater Fish Deluxe on March 23, 2007, 02:43:08 AM
Mm, such nice visuals and atmosphere.  That alone really makes me want to keep playing.  OSme mini-games are better than others, but overall it's a good collection of strategy games.  I haven't had a chance to play it with two players yet, I imagine that's where it really shines.

You should try putting in some two player simultaneous games as well as turn based ones.  Because of having two screens, you can make a lot of good two player simultaneous games that only require one system.

My favorite weed is dandelion, by the way.

...word is bondage...
Title: Re: [NDS GAME] War of the Weeds
Post by: Kamorth on May 23, 2013, 08:02:52 AM
I know this is kind of grave digging, but I only found out about this game today and I WANT IT.

Does anyone know where a working download link is?