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Title: TTR v1.1 - Tire & Ice edition
Post by: Freshmilk on March 21, 2007, 06:00:38 AM
Okay, hello and welcome to the 11th release of TTR, Tire & Ice Edition, and this time introducing my new GFX artist, Gr34t3st from the QJ forums. You may have seen, heard, of have played this game before, but since I expect many of you havn't, I'll explain what it is anyway.

TTR is a fully fleged, in depth side-scrolling "dodge the car" style game, plus 1. In this somewhat simple racer, you can choose any car, from aerodynamic jet powered cars to the new mini, and race anywhere you like. Each car has all it's individual stats, but then again, what happens if your favourite car doesn't have good attrbutes? These can also be turned off, to prevent any one stat from ruining your otherwise perfect gameplay. This game has been designed around the user's need, so you can race any way you like. TTR; the next generation of 2d Racers.

Now that we've heard a little about the game, how about some screenshots...?

here, we see the options menu; Oh so many choices to customize your style of play.

Ahh, the old favourite; High speed adrenaline fuelled racing in the well-loved British new mini.

And, of course, the banner of Neoflash has been included.

So, now that we know what the game is and how it all works, let's see whats been added into this new, bumper edition of TTR:

- New Terrain Selection (Side Scrolling)
- 7 New Terrains
- Tyre stat can be turned off, every car will handle at an average rate.
- Weight stat can be turned off, every car will be the same speed, travelling at a 3 star rate.
- Health can be turned off, so that it goes back to the old one-hit kill method.
- PSP Info (Handy Feature to know your Battery Percentage, ect.)
- Statisic options have been renamed to Highscore Options, to avoid confusion with Stat options
- Highscore options/Statistic now has a menu
- Current Car is now shown in the option menu to avoid confusion
- Intersection Collision finished, shouldn't need any more work. EVER.
- Cheating detection has been improved
- USB glitch fixed (causing a crash if clicked twice)
- 1st time error glitch fixed (the error you get 1st time you boot)
- Screenshot errors fixed (the numbering difficulties)
- Option menu crash error fixed (image loading bug)
- Analog controls can now be switched off, so that those of you with broken analogs can still race.
- Fixed to no dieing bug whilst racing in the zonda.
- Fixed the intersection enemy direction changing bug.
- Attempted, but not finished, some slide transitions in the menus.
- Now works with ALL custom firmwares, 1.50, and 2.xx

Here is the download link:

Please note, that the "glitch" as it may seem after your first race, will be consequence of the game saving your highscore, and won't happen again unless you beat your highscore. This has been implemented, should any contests be based around the game in future.

Have fun!
Title: Re: TTR v1.1 - Tire & Ice edition
Post by: Freshmilk on March 21, 2007, 06:35:15 AM
The 1.0 eboot has been left on - I can;t fix it now, so it looks like its staying like that, but remember its v1.1!
Title: Re: TTR v1.1 - Tire & Ice edition
Post by: Freshmilk on March 21, 2007, 03:40:59 PM
The game has now been updated for bugfixes, the new link can be found above, where the old link was.
Title: Re: TTR v1.1 - Tire & Ice edition
Post by: Maxime on March 21, 2007, 08:46:14 PM
Aren't you supposed to enter the comp with a code that's 100% yours?
I lol'd when I see there are still my french comments in "your" code...
Title: Re: TTR v1.1 - Tire & Ice edition
Post by: Freshmilk on March 22, 2007, 01:40:10 AM
hey, maxime, I thought we sorted all that out long ago, because in 11 versions I've pretty much edited everything... For all those who don't know, it is true that TTR was orginally a copy of GTA Driving Forwards by Maxime, but that was a long time ago now, and there isn't anything in the game that hasn't been edited at least once.

TBH, I'm not all to bothered about this competition - Whether or not the officials count this as cheating is up to them, but what bothers me more is that maxime is still annoyed about this; I thought we sorted it all out?
Title: Re: TTR v1.1 - Tire & Ice edition
Post by: DaLk on March 27, 2007, 09:21:49 AM
lots of people use blattanly ripped graphics of known games, and are sometimes even acclaimed for it (an utter nonsense in terms of homebrew, imho) .. while they could made something more personnal and original. . I'm not saying "beautifull, i know it's hard to find skilled gfx-guys and sometime you just want to animate something that already looks good without searching too much
but why should reuse be only accepted in graphics ? well, code is not obvious to tell for the non-expert, so... as long this is stated somewhere and different enough from the original code. sometimes, you just don't want to reinvent the wheel or redo everything from scratch, i guess ::sm-23.gif::

if using code from someone else is "evil", then so are ripped gfx, licenced stuff, musics...