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Title: [NDS GAME] Chapas GP
Post by: Jovin on August 21, 2010, 04:39:16 AM
Nickname:  Jovin
Projet name: Chapas GP
From: Spain
Division: Retro GAME
Platform: Nintendo DS
Original enter: YES
Support Motion: NO
In last NEO Compo this project have won in the top 10: NO

Project description:

Chapas GP  is a top-down racing game controled by the Stylus.

How to use:

Use the Stylus to add speed to your bottle cap. Move the stick quickly and repeatedly on the cap.

Video of a previous beta version:


Title: Screenshots
Post by: Jovin on August 22, 2010, 12:02:04 AM

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Do you know that you can change your nickname as well as your bottle cap?

If you change your favorite color or your name in the system settings device, they change in the game, too.

Try it, there are 16 differents bottle caps.

I want to share with you a new version (although out of this competition):  Chapas GP v1.1

New gameplay (v1.1): RUMBLE PACK compatible.

Chapas GP v1.1 download link: