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Title: PSP reviews by Nakano
Post by: nakano on August 28, 2011, 03:20:49 AM

Here are the reviews and improvement suggestions for PSP entries by others. I don't have other consoles so I would have to use emulator if I would test them. Please note that I have not taken account of original entry and other bonus points!

[PSP APP] pspythagoras

A simple application that calculates Pythagorean theorem correctly! In the future, it even could calculate more complex theorems and possible show the user how a formula is solved step by step. As for interface it's simple, but it has problems. If you accidentally fill every value, you need to reset all values. You cannot return a value back to ???. Values can only be integer, no decimals supported. Interesting note is that this is only supported by 1.50 kernel. I don't know how many has the support available or why this was made with such an old toolchain, but it makes this RETRO!



[PSP APP] PSP Music Center

PSP already has many mp3 players so this doesn't bring anything new for the scene. It looks nice and interface is good, though. However, there are things that need to be improved. For me, the smallest speed adjustment is too fast. It could be slower. Nevertheless, it's a good feature to have. The biggest problem is that the homebrew cannot open all folders. For example, I had a folder that had scandinavian letters and I got error "sceloDopen returned: 0x80010002, -2147418110". Somehow I also got the application to stuck on the first try while playing a track. I couldn't reproduce the situation after the reboot. If the author is going to improve this, I would suggest adding something extraordinary. I know that LightMP3 does support bookmarking. However, it only supports one bookmark. This could support tens of them combined with auto shutdown timer and auto bookmarking. Then following many hours of long books could be possible. I would really like to see something like that on PSP.



[PSP APP] AnyLanguageStudy v2.0
My application. Leaving the verdict to others.


[PSP]Hamtaro Holidays v2

I have not seen any tamagochi game on PSP before. A fresh idea in the sense! Graphics are good and changing environments is a plus. There are a few graphical clitches, though. For example, Hamtaro's friends may be swimming in a non-existing pool while in the Dragon Ball arena. I played this two times. I don't think there is any goal, but there could be. I also would like to see some stats about Hamtaro and a possiblity to save the game as I don't like playing too long. Hmm... what I do with those Big Blue Berries? Maybe some tutorial within the game how to take care of a hamster. Finally, it was nice to have some music in the game.



[PSP] Spacial Wars!

This game has one feature I really like and found refreshing. It's possible to move between three heigth levels. But maybe this was a little too quickly released. In the main menu "Exit" and "Highscore" buttons do nothing. You cannot return to main menu when you have started the game. The game has a few bugs. If it reads "Upgrade engines for 100" it actually cost $200. I suggest there could be a selector to indicate which selection the user is making. It would be more user friendly. Music and sound effects would improve the game significantly. I think there is still a lot to be done for a full-fledged game, but it's a good start.



[PSP GAME] REminiscencePSP v0.2.1

I used Qj version of the eboot in this review. For me the given eboot does not work. When I extract "reminiscence-psp-neoflash.7z" with 7-Zip, I get an error "Unsupported compression method". So a little untested end file? But I am fair and judge the version as it's essentially the same. I did only play the first level of the game. I don't review the game, but the engine. First of all, the installation instructions are good! I got everything right on the first try (the same I can't say for ExultPSP, didn't get it work at all). The engine runs smoothly and the animations do play. The engine supports save feature which is important. Only improvement I can still think of is to be able to change the keys. The game has many versions available so I am not sure whether the engine is needed. People could play this with SNES emulator too. However, I really like projects like this. Now someone with the talent, bring OMF, Raptor and other classics for the PSP playing as smoothly as this!



[PSP GAME] Company v1.0 - Story Edition
Full-fledged game with self made graphics by me and Motuk. I leave the judging to others.
Title: Re: PSP reviews by Nakano
Post by: RNB_PSP on August 29, 2011, 12:52:25 AM
Thanks. That's a very good review I must say. The thing that might separate my app(PSP Music Center) from other MP3 players out there is that it can play a lot more codecs than others(through FFMpeg). About some folders not opening, I'm aware of that and will fix it soon(I have already asked about this in some other forum and now have a solution). I'm currently working on the album art support. :D
Title: Re: PSP reviews by Nakano
Post by: 10$man on August 29, 2011, 06:50:06 PM
I did have music in the game as well as sound effects. I removed them because, they caused this small amount of lagg that was super annoying... Maybe i should have left them? And yeah, I did kinda rush for a release. I am still working on it though. Highscores and Exit will be working soon, and Pause added. But unfortunately not in time for Contest....
Thanks for the review. It was helpfull
Title: Re: PSP reviews by Nakano
Post by: nakano on August 29, 2011, 11:09:47 PM
^Hmm... If the lag was annoying, it was probably good that you left the music/sound effects out. But there must be some solution. Maybe the sound effects are too "high quality" for PSP or you have not load them to the memory at the beginning of the program. Maybe you could try to pre-store the wav-sound effects and play them using different channels (at least LuaDev supports 8 different channels).
Title: Re: PSP reviews by Nakano
Post by: Sektor on August 30, 2011, 12:26:08 AM
reminiscence-psp-neoflash.7z extracts fine here, so the problem must be with your version of 7-Zip or whatever you are using to extract it. Anyone else have a problem extracting it? If the download failed, it should just say corrupt. The compression method is LZMA2.

Spacial Warfare really does need sound and high score saving/viewing.

Title: Re: PSP reviews by Nakano
Post by: nakano on August 30, 2011, 11:32:09 PM
^That is probably the case. Data and movie files you provided unzipped without a problem, though, with the version of 7-Zip I am using. Maybe I just update. Here is the error message I got:
( (
Title: Re: PSP reviews by Nakano
Post by: leviadragon on September 03, 2011, 08:20:14 AM
:)) good reviews and really thanks for the suggestion!  ~sm-77.gif~.gif