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Title: [PSP]Runaway Car
Post by: 10$man on August 20, 2012, 03:09:34 AM
Hello everyone! For this great annual compo, my friend frankdrey and I have come together to form team... frankdrey and 10$man! After a month (Actually, I think 3 weeks) of work, we are proud to present to you our entry, Runaway Car for the PSP!

Runaway Car!


In this 3d game, you will take on the role of a car thief and race down a infinite street well evading trash cans, dumpsters and road blocks. But that's not it! It gets faster every time your score reaches the next 1000, up until 7000! How long can you survive??

Now, that's an okay concept in itself, but frankdrey and I did not stop there. We realize that this idea could get boring fast so we also present you with a car garage! When you're on the road, you can pick up some coins as you go. Then, when you have enough coins, you can go to the car garage and steal a cooler car!

I believe this project is original and this is the first contest we have entered this project in.

Cool 3d Graphics!
3 Cars to unlock!
3 Objects to Avoid!
7 Different Speeds to race through! Can you make it to the 7th level??
A great song custom made by Scott Pereksta!
REAL Saving and Loading using the PSP's Save and Load feature!
This means that you can check your highscore, how many cars you've unlocked and how many points you have WITHOUT even loading the game!

Now, It's no lie, I sure have done alot of talking!
Don't worry though, I got some nice screenshots to back me up!
You'll have to download the game to hear the amazing music though!
The NeoFlash Loading/Splash screen  :)

Right Before I press play to start the game

I just started. You can see me about to collect these coins along the side of the street.

I made it to the first speed up  8)

Second Speed up!

Of course, as I said, there are 3 other cars to use, besides this one!
I'l upload some pictures of them when I unlock them (I deleted my save so that I could start the game again with all the new great updates we added)

How to play
If you're reading this, I guess that means my advertising was successful :)


At the Menu:
Cross is select
Circle is back
Left and Right on the d-pad will control the selection

In game:
Press left and right to move your car!
Start will pause the game and present you with options

Things to avoid:
Any object coming down the street.
Any object, except for the golden coins!
Collect this for points!

Don't ride up onto the sidewalk too much!
This will take away a very small amount of damage. But, in a near death situation, that little bit could be the difference between life and crash!

If you hit the building (You'll hear a screech) then you will steadily have health deduced!

After reading all this, you're probably thinking, "how the deuce can I get this game???  ~sm-43.gif~ "
Well, fear not! We have an active google code page where you can get the latest and greatest update for this game!
The google code page is here: (

The download page is here: (

In the event that a mixup occurs with judging, Version 1.0 was the release at the time of this competition (Not to be confused with 0.1).

A word from 10$man
Hey everyone!
I just wanted to throw in my thoughts on this competition.
So, last year was my first year entering! You may remember my entry. It was called Spacial Warfare. The game was a relatively weak entry and I walked away knowing alot more then when I came here!
Some things I learned where, Neoflash is a great place! Here you can come and learn to develop for nearly every single commercial system! Last year I got a Gameboy flash cart and I now know a fair amount about the system and have made a few games of my own!
It's really a great place. There's a wonderful variety of people here. As I looked through our (Frank's and mine) competition, I noticed that there were games for lots of systems!
I saw N64 entries, GBA entries, SNES entries and even an Atari Entry!
That's amazing! I didn't know there was anyone still developing for half those systems!

I personally just hope that Dr Neo can work with us and help keep this scene alive as long as possible!

Cheers to Dr Neo and all other programmers entering this competition!

Hope there will be a next year and you will enjoy our game  :D
Title: Re: [PSP]Runaway Car
Post by: m.rr on August 20, 2012, 04:32:04 AM
Looks really good i will try it. Good luck!
Title: Re: [PSP]Runaway Car
Post by: 10$man on August 20, 2012, 04:38:36 AM
Looks really good i will try it. Good luck!
Thank you  ~sm-46.gif~.gif
Let me know your thoughts!
Also, anything you think would make it better too!
Title: Re: [PSP]Runaway Car
Post by: leviadragon on August 20, 2012, 06:48:21 AM
nice one  :)  :)
Title: Re: [PSP]Runaway Car
Post by: 10$man on August 20, 2012, 09:43:30 AM
nice one  :)  :)
I am very glad that you think so :)
Title: Re: [PSP]Runaway Car
Post by: genecyst on August 20, 2012, 04:31:01 PM
sadly i can't test it out on real psp and psp emulation on my stone age pc works not properly well to test it out. but this stuff seems really fun. good luck.
Title: Re: [PSP]Runaway Car
Post by: 10$man on August 20, 2012, 09:01:11 PM
sadly i can't test it out on real psp and psp emulation on my stone age pc works not properly well to test it out. but this stuff seems really fun. good luck.
Thank you!
It seems that PSP emulation has never worked completely so it's probably not just your PC. According to DeViante uxCode, when released, will be a sort of upgraded LuaDEV that will be cross platform. So if that works out well, then you may see this on other platforms such as Wii and PC (Windows).
Using luaDEV now can have benefits later  :)
Title: Re: [PSP]Runaway Car
Post by: frankdrey on August 21, 2012, 07:55:07 AM
For the past week I haven't been able to actually help on this project
And what's really ironic is that just today I have PC access back -_-
Judges, i may make some updates on this, but please only look at 1.0 to be fair to other entries.