Author Topic: to all winners: please fill in your details before April.10th for ship the prize  (Read 39155 times)

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Hello, thanks everyone for your support :)

NEO Compo Position: No.2
Project title: [NDS Games] Warcraft : Tower Defense
Nick name: Noda
I Want this Prize: MK5 16G GIGA cart :)

Thanks a lot Neoflash for supporting homebrews ;)

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Thanks to all the voters, judges and of course neoflash for putting on the competition!

NEO Compo Position: No.1
Project title: [PSP APP] AFKIM

I'll take the cash please.

piKey keyboard, here I come! :)

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I'm taking MK5 8G GIGA cart  [US$49.00]  :)

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"NEO Super SNK MVS convertor" for me...

Thanks  ;D
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Thanks for the compo ! Congrats to everyone :)

NEO Compo Position : No.4
Project title : [NDS Game] War of the Weeds
Nick name: Mollusk
I Want this Prize: MK5 8G GIGA cart

NEO Compo Position : No.8
Project title : [NDS App] MapViewerDS
Nick name: Mollusk
I Want this Prize: MK5 8G GIGA cart

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GoGoGoo [2th]

I chose a NEO product one set!
for me and Dalk ;)

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NEO Compo Position : No.6
Project title : [PSP Game] Call of Duty 2 - PSP Edition v1.0
Nick name: SG57
I Want this Prize: Neo-PSP 8in1 Joypad

That project was, maybe, my last Lua-programmed project.  Ive fallen in love with OO C++  :-*'ll never know what it's like...
...spending your whole life in a dream...

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Thanks Dr. Neo i got 8th place in the PSP Game compo and i choose the 8 in one 4GB PSP pad(white)...and thanks again

NEO Compo Position : No.8
Project title : [PSP Game] Pro Foosball v.01
Nickname: Madcupid
I Want this Prize: NEO 8 in one 4GB PSP pad (white)

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I'm 6th for NDS App

i choose an MK5 8GB

Congrats to every one

thanks to the compo .... ::sm-21.gif::

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I had the 7th place in the NDS App Compo. Not as great as last time, but it was just a quick app anyway :-)

I took the MK5 8G GIGA cart.

Thanks to Neoflash for their ongoing support of the homebrew scene!

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I finished better than I thought I would.  My thanks to the judges.

I will be unoriginal and also choose the MK5 8Gb card.

I almost decided on the NEO MD flash cart lite version, but no Master System support and no SRAM saving means no fun unfortunately.  So I'll have to wait for the NEO Super 3-in-1 cart...maybe it will be a prize in the Summer compo.

...word is bondage...

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Hi. Thanks to everybody for the wonderful opportunity. :)
you can expect another game from me at the summer competition.

NEO Compo Position : No.5
Project title : [PSP Game] Space Escape
Nick name: Grimfate126
I Want this Prize: NEO 8in1 PSP pad

Offline omg

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Congratulation for all!

NEO Compo Position : No.7
Project Title : [GBA GAME] BANJO KAZOOIE V2 : Kazooie Rescue
Nick Name : omg
I Want Prize: NEO Super SNK MVS convertor    ;D
Thx for this NeoCompo!  :D

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NEO Compo Position : No.3
Project title : [PSP Game] Cspsp v1.2
Nick name: nataku92
I Want this Prize: NEO 8in1 PSP pad (support SD/MMC/CF/MicroDrive) [US$99.00]

Thanks!  ::sm-29.gif::

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I got 2nd place for [PSP App] Old School Library (OSLib) Sprites Lib.
The prize I choose is the Neo-Max 1G for GBA/SP/NDS/GBM.

Thanks to Dr. Neo and everyone who voted, and congratulations to everyone!  :P

::sm-21.gif:: <-- I'll be waiting for the postman  ::sm-29.gif::