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Idea for you
« on: January 05, 2006, 09:12:20 AM »
is it or would it be possible for you to connect the ds to a cell phone and use it as an nintendo wfc access point?
or just use the ds as a normal cell phone with like the touch screen with a key pad like ac:ww chat
and the up and down on the pad up and down
also the left and right on the pad would select
select opens up the key pad on touchscreen
start would ask you if you wanted to open up wifi and play a game
to play the game on wifi you wouldfirst make up the name and stuff on the cell mode then put it on the ds wifi screen
maybe let others play off your access point by going through download play or something like that

hopefully you wouldn't be wasteing minutes while using wifi
you could probably make a gba thing that attaches to the cell or you could take it apart and just have the stuff you need and put it somewhere on the gba cart or attached through a cord so the cell stuff could be place somewhere that's not space consuming

if you need help with the keypad software part then I can probably try helping with that but I'm not to experienced with programing languages well at least I know a little
The reason I am posting this is because I do not know a thing about hardware but just a little about software and a gigantic Imagination

If anyone does decide to do this please give me an e-mail at so I know if it's being developed and maybe I can help buy equipment pretty much the cheap stuff like a cheap cell phone and maybe we could share the profits like I get 5% or something like that

thanks for reading ;)

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Re: Idea for you
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2006, 05:14:07 AM »
Wow very nice idea. But that would mean that it has to be for a specific cellphone... Hmhmh but its possible i realy think. But i am just a coder not that MacGiver...