Author Topic: [Denied] Windows developer attempting NDS developement, MK2 request  (Read 2128 times)

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I'm am a windows developer who has just recently purchased a NDS and have become quite intrigued with the projects i'm seeing come out of MK 2/3 so far and would like to start looking into developing for the NDS. I already purchased the NEOflash 512 and was disappointed it came with the MK 1 and not a MK 2. From what I can read the newest developement are being made to support SD/MMC interface and I feel once I get submerged into the project I could be a great asset.

thank you,
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Re: Windows developer attempting NDS developement, MK2 request
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We are sorry, but you need to have the project 50% complete and in progress in order to receive the free MK2.

Thank you for your time :)