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MK2 request
« on: June 19, 2006, 06:17:10 AM »
EDIT...8:Hey R3, back from your vacation? :P

Today is my birthday, and the day I finally see you on the forums. Talk about luck. Wel I hope you review my request soon!

Oh and about dswifinder, my friend recently got hacked, so he's switching from PHP-nuke to a less buggier software.

EDIT7: My friend is also offering to put my review on his website:

EDIT6: I'm back from Florida, and 15 days passed already... no reply. :(

EDIT5: Please understand that the demo released is what I have nearly completely finished(menus, engine), not what I'm working on(AI, weapons). It's a pet peeve for me to release something when I'm not happy with it. (And I'm only happy when it's done)

EDIT4: A screenshot from the actual demo

EDIT3: Files re-hosted on - go there to see them

EDIT2: You can download a demo at
I can't host it on, FTP is acting funny.

EDIT:I'll try to have an alpha demo out tommorow, because I feel it would be too risky to not release it myself  :P

Hello Neoflash team! I am an NDS homebrew developer, and I would like to ask for your support. The game I am working of is called Liero DS and the homepage can be found at

Liero is a clone of the popular game called Worms, but Liero is not turn based, making the action much more frantic. We do not have a publicly-released demo, but we will on June 31st, assuming everything goes as planned.

I have some development tools, a flashed DS and a Supercard, but really I am on a tight budget as my family is buying a house in Florida, and my funds are limited.

edit: We got the house!!

I would like the Neoteam to sponsor me a MagicKey II so I can ensure compatibillity and add near-promised filesystem support.

Yes, filesystem support. Liero is very customizable, from custom player skins to custom levels. Did I mention it's(will be) wi-fi compatible too? Right now here are some screenshots, and (since it takes up to 15 days for you guys to check these threads, the demo may already be out) on the bottom there will be a download link.

However. I am going to Florida on the 24th of June so I may or may not find a hotspot and update this topic. If that happens, don't think that I bailed on you, and try checking the homepage, one of my teammates may have put it there.

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