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Problem with slim loader 3


Before all,excuse me for my english,i'm french.
I've bought a neoflash with the slim loader 3 to play with my Gba (the fat first model)
the slim loader have burnt only little roms in .gb
Roms in .gba stops at 12,50 or 25 % in accordance their size (for exemple a rom of 64 mbits stops at 12,50%)   ???
Ive tried with neo power kit and neo max ,it's do the same with the 2.
It's too impossible to format my cart,it's stops too about the half.
Please if you know how resolve this problem, help me   :'(

Mr. WooHoo:
do you use an amd processor? if you do, then you're screwed, just like me.,3328.0.html

Mr. WooHoo:
i'm forever waiting for help from neoflash team.   ::sm-16.gif::


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