Author Topic: NEO Spring coding contest 2008 for NDS(GBA) and PSP first announcement  (Read 36255 times)

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The bottom one still seems to have more than 256 colors... (the one for DS) But I only need the one that says "Neoflash" right?

P.S. Never mind, I can't compile anything for some reason... I guess I'll have to wait until next year. But at least, by then, I'll have more programming experience and more chances to win! XD
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Charles: (if youre using PALib)
Add the two attached files of that post into the "data" folder of your project.

+You habe to include the files
Code: [Select]
#include "bot.h"
#include "top.h"

Then go to your main-function

Code: [Select]
PA_Init16bitBg(0, 2); // Init a 16 bit Bg on screen 0
PA_Init16bitBg(1, 2); // Init a 16 bit Bg on screen 1

PA_LoadGif( 0,
(void*)top); // Gif File
PA_LoadGif( 1,
(void*)bot); // Gif File

s16 time = 180; // 180 frames = 3 seconds
while(time && (!Pad.Newpress.Anykey) && (!Stylus.Newpress)){

PA_ResetBgSys(); // Resett the BG system

!! Add this before you init texts / Other BGs, because of the "PA_ResetBgSys();" everything youve loaded on the BGs will be deleted.
And don't remove the ResetBG , because its problematic sometimes, to have more things loaded on the same screen.
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The compo deadline arrived~
Wish who attend this compo can have a good result~~