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Complete PSP GAMES pack
« on: March 23, 2008, 06:43:19 PM »
Hi! :)

Here is the complete PSP GAMES pack, with screenshots and source (where available)! :)

DOWNLOAD (193 Mb):

It contains:
     [PSP GAME] Motion Pong 0.2      bumuckl       
     [PSP GAME] Orbid V2      Slasher       
     [PSP GAME] KOPBANPSP 0.41      kaltorak       
     [PSP GAME] Aap Lander      BlackShark       
     [PSP GAME] NIKWI DELUXE PSP       deniska       
     [PSP GAME] POLYGUNWARS v0.5      ahrimanes       
     [PSP GAME] Bumper Harvest      Kagato       
     [PSP GAME] Unofficial Cave Story:Return To World      leviadragon       
   [PSP GAME] Scogger 0.2      scognito     
     [PSP GAME] AgenaWorld 1.5      edepot       
     [PSP GAME] Bugz      InsertWittyName       
     [PSP GAME] Convey!      saulotmalo       
     [PSP GAME] Dororo's Adventure      b0rk       
     [PSP GAME] Paper Battle v1.0      mitchelljm       
     [PSP GAME] Kitten Cannon      sg57       
     [PSP GAME] Kakuro Nichiyou PSP 1.1       MK2k       
     [PSP GAME] Asteroid Barrier v1 [LUA]       pipagerardo       
     [PSP GAME] Let's Roll! [FINAL VERSION]     Da_MerV       
     [PSP GAME] Tetriabetes 1.43      dragula96       
     [PSP Game] Look Out! v0.70 NeoFlash Edition      Tanos       
     [PSP GAME] BlowUp! - 1.0 RELEASED!     gambiting       
     [PSP GAME] Sushi Rubik version 1.2      teamsushi       
     [PSP GAME] Avoid It v0.2      cdesseno       
     [PSP GAME] Impact      slicer4ever       
     [PSP GAME] Heartlight Deluxe PSP 1.0       MK2k       
     [PSP GAME] The chronicle of Mr. SUN !      dm79       
     [PSP GAME] Flo's Funportal 1.1     FloXxX       

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Re: Complete PSP GAMES pack
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2008, 08:07:55 AM »
ciaaaao sakya , grazie x il pack!