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Complete NDS/GBA GAMES pack
« on: March 25, 2008, 07:27:35 PM »
Hi! :)

Here is the complete NDS/GBA GAMES pack, with screenshots (where available)! :)

DOWNLOAD (48,3 Mb):

The download contains:
     [NDS GAME] Snake Dual Screen      edddy       
     [NDS GAME] Game Melody Oratorio      DesertDog       
     [GBA Game] Super Mario : The Last GBA Quest       omg       
     [NDS GAME] 15a. ULTIMATE SLIDING PUZZLE - Pack Ecchi       kukulcan       
     [NDS GAME] Puzl      SiW       
     [NDS GAME] ChessNET - Online Chess Game (Release 1)      CYBER_Aeon       
     [NDS GAME] Piztog Tower Defense     Shoog       
     [NDS GAME] Legion      smealum       
     [NDS GAME] Star Wars Battles      space1       
     [NDS GAME] PongClassicDS (0.5)     minishlink       
     [NDS GAME] MarbleMan: The Arena      MagNet       
     [NDS GAME] Electro      chris28       
     [GBA GAME] Chocobo World Deluxe    Davgav       
     [NDS GAME] jaPongG      leinad       
     [NDS GAME] NoobMiniGames      tiancai       
     [NDS GAME] Escape From Island      Ben2303       
     [NDS GAME] 13. AREA TEN      kukulcan       
     [NDS GAME] Super Wings [GBA]      eKid       
     [NDS GAME] LoneWolfDS - Flight From The Dark       Michoko       
     [NDS GAME] DualShooter      eadmaster       
     [NDS GAME] ASCIIWAR 0.9999      samel       
     [NDS GAME] Scogger 0.2      scognito       
     [NDS GAME] DiceSoldiers     t4ils       
     [NDS GAME] 15c. ULTIMATE SLIDING PUZZLE - Pack Arcade      kukulcan       
     [NDS GAME] 15b. ULTIMATE SLIDING PUZZLE - Pack Sci-Fi      kukulcan   


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Re: Complete NDS/GBA GAMES pack
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2008, 08:07:47 AM »
Thank you, your packs make reviewing a ton easier.

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DealExtreme or Play-Asia