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[Review] PSP Apps
« on: March 28, 2008, 03:19:27 AM »
CTorrent: 0/10
I don't like torrents but ok. If it would work! But it doesn't! My PSP Crashes when I want to connect to my Network. The Style seems good, but style on its own doesn't make the App good.

Coverflow: 0/10
It brings me an error when I start it. And I think thats my idea. Look at PSPFlow...whatever. Doesn't work -> 0 Points.

DOW!: 1/10
It's totally useless. After 3 lines I could throw my PSP against the wall. A Luaplayer could be build in, too. Sorry but I can't develope with it. And whats when I wanna use a pic? Then I must go to PC and make it.

VisMP3: 3/10
An other MP3 player. I use the XMB. Thats faster to load. It's simply unimaginatively.

3D GDS: 4/10
The idea is nice but not new. Look at LTE Game engine. This has much more features and is easyer. And it's only usefull for Developer. I don't think it will be better then LTE or V3X anytime.

AIO Tuner: 5/10
For those who play guitarr it's maybe usefull. It works and the style is not tooo bad.

Multi Tasker: 6/10
Well it'S not hard to make such an App in LTE. 3D Viewing isnt usefull. When do I want to show 3D Moddels on my PSP? Never! I can view pics in the XMB, too. Most of the people dont have PS so PSD isn't usefull, to. Text-Viewing is nice, but it would be better if there were a option "Open as Textfile" so that I can also open other filetipes.

PSP Maps: 7/10
The App's not bad but there are almost no functions! A list for the viewing mode (satellite, roadmap, etc) would be nice, too.

Academic Aid: 8/10
Very nice! Good style and usefull. You can look up everything. Only the motion support is useless.

Light MP3: 9/10
The best MP3 player I've ever seen! Great style, nice features. There are some little things linke you can't look at your MP3 Collection while you listen to a song and there is no virtualiser.

Emu Loader: 9.5/10
Not perfekt but almost! I'm an arcarde gamer and my XMB is always full of apps. It's what I need. If you don't use emus you'll find it useles. Well it would be good if you would have a list wich emus need a BIOS but I ask google.

I allready sorted it by points but the best 5:

1. Emu Loader
2. Light MP3
3. Academic Aid
4. PSP Maps
5. Multi Tasker

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Re: [Review] PSP Apps
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2008, 07:56:51 PM »
PSP Maps: 7/10
The App's not bad but there are almost no functions! A list for the viewing mode (satellite, roadmap, etc) would be nice, too.
Hello, if you are interested, this is now available in the last version  :)

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Re: [Review] PSP Apps
« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2008, 07:57:36 AM »
I think Multi Tasker does open any file type - i opened my backed up models (with a .~xxx extension) to see where i should place the textures relative to the model and it opened fine.  It says in a message box thing that it's an unkown format and will open as text file any way :S  Also the picture viewing in it is something new to the PSP you can open up multiple images and display them side by side stacked/windowed. (i'm bias of course since it's my #1 in my reviews lol)

But anyways great reviews - better then a majority i've seen  8)

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Re: [Review] PSP Apps
« Reply #3 on: July 15, 2020, 09:58:14 PM »
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