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PSP Game Reviews :)
« on: March 29, 2008, 07:09:53 AM »
These are my reviews (its work in progress), I only reviewed some LUA entries as some work. I won't review LUA Shells. We have too many of these already and they all do the same thing. I won't go on, anyway here are the reviews!

Bugz! - InsertWittyName

Bugz (Based on Boomshine) is a fast paced challenge which calls all ladybirds from all different places with a special whistle. With its polished up professional quality type game which utilises features such as saving highscores to internet / Game Sharing and many more for you to discover The idea of bugz is to blow up as many bugs as you can in a chain reaction however there is a catch.  That catch is the bugs move a lot quicker than you think! So show it to your parents, your hippy friends or even a band and get dancing.. uhh I mean playing.

Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 10/10 Couldn't go better!
Gameplay: 10/10

Blowup! by gambiting

This game has some great ideas and will become a rather great game. The idae is to shoot some spinning red coins while collecting yellow coins with a tank that doesn't quite look like a tank at the moment!  The sounds are great however the coin does sound like the coin out of Super Mario World which is a let down. Once this game is really raving and the dev has more experience in development, this game will rock our socks. Keep up the good work!

Graphics - 6 / 10
Sound  - 4 / 10
Gameplay - 8 /10

Kitten Cannon - SG57

The idea behind Kitten Cannon is to shoot a HEAVILY DISABLED cat out of a cannon onto some bombs / napalms or softly onto a trampoline and get as far as you can before the cat gets mutilated by spikes / Venus Flytraps. The only way to do so is to load the cannon up with enough power and angle, then BOOM goes the kitten until the poor thing plunges into its doom. Its not for young ones or German teachers unfortunately.

Graphics - 8 / 10
Sound -  8 / 10
Gameplay - 9 / 10

Scogger  - scognito

SCOGS! Dangerous animals, they just seem to jump out everywhere. The idea of Scogger is to make that scog jump onto the lily pad until all the lily pads disappear.  So if you are standing on one lily pad and jump to the next that last lily pad is gone forever until you fail which of course scognito wants you to. Playing 10 levels at a time until you can't pass one then restarting the game from scratch regenerates another 10. I was given a hard one first up but that got me wanting to try again. For a next version maybe some more background stuff that makes it more of a natural swamp and making it a challenge for us, ideas like having birds try to get you if you dont jump within 2 seconds and having more swamp life like cricket noises / swarms of flies or mozzies in the background. It'd make this game a lot more interesting!

This game was seen not to work on my Slim, however you might find that you have to rename the folder so its just scogger and it should work.

Graphics - 9 / 10
Sound -  4 / 10
Gameplay - 5 / 10

Heartlight PSP - Mk2k

Finally a boulderdash type game on the PSP, based on the MS-Dos version of Heartlight with a lot of features that remain the same! The idea is to collect the hearts without getting crushed by rocks / stuck in small a small crevice or blown up by a falling grenade. You have to move swiftly / carefully through the maze avoiding the aforementioned objects however you have to like these sort of games!

Graphics - 8 / 10
Sound - 7 / 10
Gameplay -  8 / 10

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