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GBA/NDS Game Reviews (Final as of Apr 1.)
« on: March 30, 2008, 12:31:52 AM »
The NDS/GBA GAME division of NEO SPRING COMPO 2008 (25 entries total)

I tested with DSMotion for all games supporting motion and considered that in the score.  The games are sorted by score with the first being the best. 

Position    Project Title        Author/Poster   Score

     [NDS GAME] Super Wings [GBA]      eKid       9.5/10
A really cool retro shooter!  It offered up a tough challenge but really fun gameplay.  The story had lots of funny lines like "The more good luck of the next time" and "Somebody set us up the bomb!" adding to the overall retro appeal.  The weapon power ups are awesome and the bombs blew up big.  Very fun game but I really wish I could power down my gba and start it up again on any level that I already beat once.

     [NDS GAME] LoneWolfDS - Flight From The Dark       Michoko       9/10
The DS is well suited for this type of game - which is a choose your own path novel type of experience.  The games is very well done with profesional graphics and solid interface!  Keeping track of all your attributes manually is a thing of the past since this version takes care of it for you - which makes the experience a little more casual and enjoyable (at least now...I can't be bothered with that kind of tedium - but it was fun as a kid).   

The game could use a few more animations, maybe some content specific stuff(?) and I like to see the page # reference go away but this is nitpicking - this is a great idea and I hope more adventures will come!

     [NDS GAME] Legion      smealum        8.5/10
This is a very original 3d shooter with a lot of style and humor.  It has some great graphics and cutscene images, the music sets the mood well and the sfx all sound good. The dialogue was good - which is important because there is a lot of it.  I wish that touching the screen or pressing a button would advance to the next page immediately instead of waiting a couple seconds. 

The inventory system is there but doesn't really seem to be functional or necessary yet.  The controls were intuitive and the shooting was great!   This would have been more fun if there were more bad dudes as the action seemed to end too quickly.   The zoom level would work better if there was a good cover system in place  as implied in the dialogue.   I really enjoyed playing through this game and will be checking for updates.

     [NDS GAME] Game Melody Oratorio      DesertDog        8.5/10

This is a great concept that teaches you how to play some great classic video game music on piano.  I have a piano that I can't play...well couldn't play I guess - now I can play super mario and bubble bobble!   The graphics are very clean and the menus work very well - though I wish I could replay a practice stage.  There are three practice stages to help you learn the song - but I found I had to play through a few times to memorize all the notes before I could get through the recital.

I'd like to have the songs start playing when you select them in the main menu and I think a level editor would be a great addition or just more more more songs!

     [NDS GAME] Scogger 0.2      scognito        8/10

This is a simple concept puzzle game where you need to sink all the pads by jumping on them.  The game features nice looking graphics and good sound effects.  Each game consists of 10 levels that start out easy and get hard as you progress.  The beauty of this game is that everytime you play, you'll play a different combination of levels out of a total of 100 - so there is a lot of gameplay here if you like this type of puzzle.  I do.

I wish the game had some highscores - maybe just the amount of time it takes to complete the 10 levels with some penalty for restarts (or something like that) so that you could compete with yourself.  As it stands though this is a great game to pick up and play if you have 10 minutes to spare though I have to wonder if it wouldn't be better if all 100 levels were avialable by progressing through the game (like how Casses DS does it) .

     [NDS GAME] Piztog Tower Defense     Shoog       7.5/10
This is a really nice tower of defence game that has a nice look and very good purchase/place mechanism and no need to keep switching screens.  The top screen has all the information about the options, a birds eye view of the map and a tip box. The bottom screen is the area zoomed in and sports some slick popup menus that are complimented by the information panel on the top screen.  Very nicely done. 

The game does suffer a little in that it takes a really long time to play and I haven't quite figured out how to stop some of the monsters...those damn fish make it through every time.   This  game seems to be mocking me - I last a little longer,  a little longer ...and die!(repeat)  I think my best is to get 28/30...but I'm not sure what happens if I get 30/30 so I'll have to keep trying. 

     [NDS GAME] Escape From Island      Ben2303       7.5/10
This a remake of an online point and click game.  If you haven't played the online version, which I hadn't, then all the better because the fun part is to figure out what you need to do to escape the island.  I checked out the online version and the ds version has the same graphics but is missing some of the animations. 

It does add some fitting music and the inventory control worked well.  It took me several tries to get through this game and beating it is a very rewarding!  You get ###### ## ## ######. (censored by spoiler alert!)  This is a great experience but by its nature lacks replayability.

     [GBA Game] Super Mario : The Last GBA Quest       omg      7.5/10
This has really good retro gameplay - it is a very well done and very mario-ish as subtly implied by the title.   Every detail has been considered from sound effects and animations.  I have to say that I hate spawn points where you immediately fall into a hole if you are impatient like me and are holding down the d-pad as you respawn.  Dead. Dead Ok I remember don't hold the dpad...whoops Dead. Dead....   

I had to supercard patch this game to get it to work with my supercard sd - which is really unusual - most homebrews don't need patching.   I found the game a little frustrating but I think fans of this genre will really enjoy this.

     [NDS GAME] DiceSoldiers     t4ils       7/10
This has familiar gameplay to risk which overall works very well.  The game is very functional and could use some animations and better sound effects.  The game does move at a  fast pace and does support a range of local multiplayer options.   This would be a good game to get online or to further develop the local game play modes - maybe some gameplay to sway the outcome of the battle.

     [NDS GAME] Puzl      SiW 7/10

Hey! -  a really good puzzle game and puzzle maker!  Adding my own jpeg images worked effortlessly and the mechanism that locked your peice into place worked really well.  The main menu seems to have a few options, but only one option was available - which basically allows you to browse folders and select an image to use.   

Overall this worked well and was easy to use so I think any puzzle fan will be very pleased with this offering.  I'm not the only one that added a boobs folder to the puzl directory am I?
     [NDS GAME] 15a. ULTIMATE SLIDING PUZZLE - Pack Ecchi       kukulcan    7/10
     [NDS GAME] 15c. ULTIMATE SLIDING PUZZLE - Pack Arcade      kukulcan   7/10
     [NDS GAME] 15b. ULTIMATE SLIDING PUZZLE - Pack Sci-Fi      kukulcan     7/10

The three Ultimate Sliding Puzzle Pack games offer the same gameplay with a variety of different themed images.  This takes a little time to get your head around how to move peices around but by the time you solve the first puzzle it all makes sense.  There are 50 puzzles to unlock in each game which gives a lot of selection!  The menu's, transitions etc are all well polished but I think I prefered the music in Virus DS.  Something a little more mellow would have been nice.

     [NDS GAME] ChessNET - Online Chess Game (Release 1)      CYBER_Aeon       7/10

This is a really clean looking chess game that supports 2 player local or asyncronise online.  The iterface is slick, the animations and icons are good.  The interface for the main menu's and the gameplay is really good and so far the online has worked flawlessly - though these menus were mostly text based and used some crazy long number as an id instead of, say the name on your ds.   The game is unfinished and there is no music or sound effects but its a terrific & very functional start.  A live-mode online version would be a nice addition as I tend to forget that I'm in a game if it was more than 5 minutes ago!

     [NDS GAME] Electro      chris28       6.5/10

This is an interesting game that has two modes - one is a falling blocks game and the other is more like  tetris attack.  The difference is that to clear blocks you need to make a connection from one side of the screen to the other with the same type blocks.  So think Tetris and Tetris Attack mixed with Polarium.

I found the gameplay to be challenging and unique but I think it could be much more fun. I hope the author plays around with some different ideas to jazz up the gameplay.  The graphics looked ok but there really wasn't much animation or sound effects and that small font was hard to read!  I think this game has a lot of potential but this version falls a little short.

     [NDS GAME] MarbleMan: The Arena      MagNet        6.5/10

Stay alive as long as you can by moving your marble into the red zone to add time to the clock.  The game plays pretty well especially with motion - but after getting used to it, the stylus controls worked well too.   I'd like to see some more variation in the gameplay - maybe multiple balls on the screen or maybe different zones or power ups -  like one to add speed, one to add power (to blast through obstructions).   It is a well done game but there wasn't enough gameplay to keep my attention for too long.  The game does keep track of scores, so I'll probably go back in and see if I can't beat my record!

     [NDS GAME] 13. AREA TEN      kukulcan        6.5/10

This a very polished game based on a simple concept. The menu's, transitions, and all the graphics look professional (apart from the clapping sound :p).  The music in the game really adds to the atmosphere and overall I love the style.  I did find the gameplay to get frustrating as you level up because it gets really really hard - though I left my ds running while I type this up and
I just got another round of applause so I did something right!

     [NDS GAME] DualShooter      eadmaster    6/10

Dual shooter is a top down shoot'em up with really fast moving bullets making this game quite challenging.  I found the stylus control to be only option to stay alive through a level.  The graphics were ok but not great and they weren't animated.  There was an overall lack of polish on the game -f or example the bomb kills everything on the screen but there wasn't any sign of the bomb (except that everything died!). 

The HUD was impossible to read and I had no idea when my energy was gone until I died.  Trying to read that tiny hud would basically insure my demise negating the need for me to have looked at it in the first place. 

     [NDS GAME] Star Wars Battles      space1       6/10

This is a single player battleship type game set in the star wars universe.  The game does add a twist - where you have to battle 1 vs 1 across a meteor belt when you hit the enemy ship or when it hits you.  So just because you got hit does not mean all is lost - you have a chance to defend yourself.  While this is a great twist - it gets monotonous and I found it to be too easy to exploit the AI in this shooting match which heavily swayed the odds of winning in my favour. 

     [NDS GAME] ASCIIWAR 0.9999      samel   6/10
I have mixed emotions - an interesting adventure game that suffers from ridiculous controls and ascii graphics.  I guess the ascii-ness gives it some retro-appeal especially when you consider the story but I found it to be just too destracting and the controls were too bizarre.  I think just changing the controls would make this game a whole lot more playable and I may be able to get past the ascii.

  [NDS GAME] Snake Dual Screen      edddy       5.5/10 (Updated April 1)

This is a classic snake game that is so classic it moves the snake in blocks.  I found that this made the control a little harder because if I just tapped the direction - it didn't seem to register if I didn't time it right.   
I can see that the author put a lot of polish in this in terms of menus options and the static graphics (well level gfx are ok too).  Once I got used to the controls I got better but still gave it a low score because it is a snake game, but the game was put together very well.

     [NDS GAME] NoobMiniGames      tiancai        4.5/10
This is a spot the differences game that tracks your highscores by seeing how many differences you can spot in a set amount of time. Since there is only one type of game it got pretty old pretty fast. Needs more minigames!

     [NDS GAME] PongClassicDS (0.5)     minishlink       4.5/10

This is a pretty good pong game with a lot of attention to detail.  I like the fast pace but it would have been nice to see classic mode run a little slower.  The psychodelic mode wasn't what I was expecting but it does add a nice brain twist to the game. 

Overall I wish the length of the game was shorter - say 5 points instead of 25, and a I found the menu to be cluttered/confusing.

     [NDS GAME] jaPongG      leinad        4/10

This pong game seems a little more true to the original but does offer a new 3 player mode which is interesting.  The menus could have been improved a  little but overall this plays as well as a pong game should!
     [GBA GAME] Chocobo World Deluxe    Davgav       2/10
Well this is a start of a game but is buggy and not done enough to be fun.  There are some interesting ideas in it but.... well - what can I say?                   
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Re: GBA/NDS Game Reviews (small updates on Apr 1.)
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2008, 06:27:24 AM »
Nice reviews ! The comments are very pertinent (is that word really exists in english ??), and games are taking from a good angle.
And that's always good to see how our judgements are differents. Take 2 reviews in that site and you'll find different points of view, and still everything is completly right. Yeah, I just love different opinions !

Objectivity is the sum of subjectivities...

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Re: GBA/NDS Game Reviews (small updates on Apr 1.)
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2008, 02:10:51 AM »
Thanks for reviews :)

"The psychodelic mode wasn't what I was expecting but it does add a nice brain twist to the game. "
You was expecting that there were effects ? I'll implement this for the future  ::sm-08.gif::

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Re: GBA/NDS Game Reviews (Final as of Apr 1.)
« Reply #3 on: April 10, 2008, 03:08:41 AM »
You was expecting that there were effects
oops - slow response!  Uh yeah - I guess I was thinking psychodelic more along the lines of Tetanus On Drugs

Anyways - I did like the way you did it ::sm-12.gif::, but certain changes almost insure sudden death - so it is almost more about luck!  switch from pad to inverted stylus is really deadly....  ~sm-31.gif~