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[7.25.2005] The NEO Coding Competition 2005 final announce
« on: July 25, 2005, 02:44:31 AM »

[7.25.2005] The NEO Coding Competition 2005 final announce

[1] Rule:
There will be 2 categories for entries. The first is for NDS homebrew games, the second, for NDS apps. Apps include multi loaders, emulators, audio players, video players , PDA, MAC driver, Linux driver and whatever else you can think up.
The NDS game and NDS APP division will have same prizes for each top ten. The prizes list:

The No.1 for game and APP : NeoFlash 1Gb + MagicKey2 8Gb + PSP console
The No.2 & No.3 for game and APP : NeoFlash 1Gb + MagicKey2 4Gb
The No.4 ~ No.10 for game and APP : NeoFlash 512M + MagicKey2 1Gb

We just accept the *COMPLETE* programs, please don't submit anything until it's final. And a NeoFlash splash screen (see below) is required before the main program starts. For example click the NEO splash to continue is fine.
Every one can enter this contest, and one author can enter both division, without any limit. It'll be best if you can send your source code to our mail box for double check, but it's not forced, and we will never release the source code in public.
We will collect all the top ten to NEO driver CD for demo, and come with author credit.

[2] How to submit your project?
Enter here, choose your project is GAME or APP division, then mark the post title as this format: "contest: NDS GAME - game name - By: your nickname" or "contest: NDS APP - APP name - By: your nickname" , then...

     [a.] Upload your rom file,it should be compressed to ZIP or RAR format, and must offer 2 version ROMs, one can run in NDS EMU, another can run in NEO flash cart (if you can't make sure it can run in NEO or not, just add the NDS loader to the rom then upload it to forum, we will check it);
     [B.] Upload the screenshots for your project;
     [C.] Release your description about your project, if your project is APP then should have the user menu;
     [D.] Last step, if you like to send your source code to us, please don't upload to forum, just send it to

[3] How to judge the winner?
We will make the poll for each GAME and APP, then everyone can vote their favorite, the result of poll will become the best reference for our last decision.

[4] When can announce the top 10 winner?
It'll take 3 weeks to handle everything, around 20th.Aug, and we will close the submit after 10th.Aug.

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