Author Topic: Look at the new series WeTV in October!  (Read 197 times)

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Look at the new series WeTV in October!
« on: October 04, 2020, 06:13:24 PM »

Entering October 2020, a new series sent directly to watch on WeTV that this round only has fun to follow again. What will be the stories? Let's see!

Heart, a Korean romantic drama series starring Lee Se Jin as Sang Ha, Cheon Seung Ho as Jin Won

From the production team of the Y series The first story of Korea, Where Your Eyes Linger, comes to a cute love story in Mr. Heart, a love and friendship story between Sang Ha (Lee Se Jin), a sprinter who always tries to keep his smile. In a bad situation, and Jin Won (Cheon Seung Ho), a rising star marathon runner Who has never been interested in anything else Wait to watch their lovely friendship on WeTV only!

Halfway Love (Love Is Sweet) Chinese romantic series, business drama starring Luo Yun Xi as Yuan Sui, Bailu as Jiang Jun

The love story of Jiang Jun (Bailu) and Yuan help (Luo Yunxi) best friends when they were young. Jiang Jun was a strange disease, severely allergic to his tears. And when tears came out, then it was life threatening.Because of this, Yuan Chu took care of Jiang Jun meticulously, but Jiang Jun understood that he was doing good to her just because of her father's money. Pay him only After that time, both of them disappeared from each other in high school.

Years later, Jiang Jun went on to fulfill her father's last dreams and wishes by joining MH (a large-scale securities company), where she had just come to know that the new boss of her father had become the best. She is Yuan to help, by this company he was a golden investor until he was nicknamed "The Undefeated God of MH" with both cunning and scheming habits, still thinking of taking Jiang Jun out of the company, not except a day And like this, the foolish Jiang Jun, who has lost even his own tears, how can he fight him? What will be the story next ... Will the bad wolf and the poor lamb end up? You can follow us on WeTV today.

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