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Re: [PSP APP] Snes9X Euphoria R4
« Reply #15 on: January 01, 2011, 09:25:18 PM »
Hi Zack.

I wanna thank you for the really good work with this snes emulator. It's the best and the fastest one I could find.

Also I discovered a few bugs and it would be great if you can fix them. (I can also test new versions for you if you want)
Hope you still work on this project.

First of all my system:

PSP 3004
DataCode: 0B
OFW 6.20; Running 6.20 TN-B HEN (HBL 1.09)

The first thing is that I can run Euphoria R4 only with the R2.1 snes9xtyl.ini file. Otherwise it crashes at startup. I have only 2 roms in the ROM folder; Super Mario World and Secret of Mana (both german versions). I also deleted all savegames.

Super Mario World runs great except for some grafik glitches and a really bad savegame bug: When I open the Euphoria menu and save my game it often happens that when I go into the next level the game crashes while loading the level. Reset SNES doesn't work and completely reboot the whole emulator doesn't work either. I can load that savegame but everytime I go into a level it crashes. So I need to play from the beginning. That really suck.s >.<
The grafik glitches are not so important: The black screens don't work or work bad: When I get the message inside Super Mario World: "Save and Continue or Continue without saving", normaly this message has a black background..but the background is simply not there. The same thing is when you finish a level: The screen should go into an black screen with an oval window getting smaller...mostly that effect flickers or is not there.

In Secret of Mana there is a problem with the menu font. When I make a new game and name my character, all letters are badly to read and moved into each other. When I open the menu ingame and go into the stats window I can't read anything and it crashes the complete font even in the dialoges which are normaly working perfect. To fix that I need to go into a house or the next screen.
The most important grafik glitch in this game is that the "3D" World when you fly on the Dragon is completely black so you can't see where you can fly or land. It's a really bad thing.

Also Donkey Kong Country runs really really slow and I don't know why because on the normaly much slower uo_snes9x it runs much faster.

Maybe you could also make a tutorial which explains all the options in the emulators menu. That would be really helpfull.^^

Hope I can help you with this to make Euphoria even better. You did a really great work with this and it would be a waste not to continue.