Author Topic: Fix corrupted Skins on R4I SDHC Upgrade (FW: R4i English V2.05)  (Read 5960 times)

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i know this is not a R4I forum :P just want to mention this before i get advised by the moderator. at least mine r4i is a TTDS clone (read my previous thread) and you guys seem to be one of the few that can help a lost low level developer :P

When i try to create a custom skin i only get a corrupted image on the ds. Windows shows the pictures fine. After trial & error i found out that the Bitmaps used by the firmware must be 16-bit at a fixed size of 256x192, stored none compressed. When i try to save the file with Paintshop Pro 6 (yup, a little bit outdated, but im poor and i don't support piracy.... i only take what i need ) i only get a a 24-bit Bitmap what will not be compatible and get's displayed corrupted. Then tried to to use an image converter (Aha View) to convert the pictures back to 16-bit, none compressed, but the resulting image is different in size and data and will also be displayed corrupted. Thus they are 16-bit there is no color palette, so that can't be the problem. I wrote a little program that disassembles the bitmap header & bitmap dib header, but not even this helped me out :( ~sm-63.gif~.gif

Note: all skins that i downloaded where not compatible with firmware themselves in their format structure and the skins from the manufacturer website where inavailable at the moment i tried that so i only analyzed the skins that came with the firmware (R4i English V2.05)