Author Topic: R4i Interface on TTDS ?!  (Read 6656 times)

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R4i Interface on TTDS ?!
« on: August 02, 2010, 11:13:37 AM »
someone said earlier in this thread that he would prefer the R4i interface instead of the TTDS menu. Read my thread about running the TTDS FW on a R4i SDHC Upgrade (http:\\ Since the TTDS FW runs on the R4i (i assume this R4i model is partially based on the TTDS) there is a chance to run the R4i English V2.05 FW (R4i English on the TTDS. (copy the firmware to youre micro sd(hc) card and rename the 'R4I.TP' to 'TTMENU.SYS') Please let me know any results :)