Author Topic: When trying to play some games they will not load all i get is a white screen...  (Read 3599 times)

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Some games give me a weird white screen when i put them on the card and try to play them. Is there something i need to do to the file before i can play them? It seems like it happens with newer games so i dont know if it and update needed or something or not. I have the latest and greatest updates for the R6 and still nothing. Let me know if there is anything i need to do so that i can get them to play. Thanks in advance for your time. :D

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You should probably list the games. I probably won't be much help since I got my NDS + R6 Gold recently, and almost entirely for homebrew purposes.

In any case, one suggestion is to wait - I thought one app I tried had failed, but it was just still loading. There's no indication from the current menu as to load progress, so you should probably wait a few minutes (overkill) just to be sure. I had actually put my NDS down and was working on something else when I heard noise from it and saw the program had finally loaded and was running fine.

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