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[NDS] SyobonAction DS
« on: August 18, 2012, 07:33:10 PM »
Nickname: n00bey
Project Name: SyobonActionDS
From: Germany
Division: GAME
Platform: NDS
Original Enter: YES
Support Motion: NO
In last NEO Compo this project have won in the top 10: NO


Some of you maybe know this game: It is a Mario clone with some small but extremely challenging levels. It is also known as "The Impossible Japanese Game". I doubt I have to explain how a "Mario Clone" works.

SyobonActionDS in keywords:
- Easy setup: No DLDI/NitroFS whatsoever, it should run straight on every flashcard without any patching
- The original graphics are used (well, just resized&reworked here and there for the DS Sceen-Size of course)
- Full Music&Sounds from the original game
- 13 and a half (The last one cannot be finished) stages
- Possibility to skip levels (although they do not become easier) & a Fly-Mode Cheat giving you an endless jump

- Resizing the game to 256x192 from 480x420 pixel did not work out as well as I wanted, but except of some "pixelwise-overlapping" it looks quite okay
- I cannot guarantee the game is fully beatable. I am able to reach level 2-4-0 without problems, but I have not tried to get any further as I was busy optimizing the game :|
- A Walkthrough for the first four levels can be found all over youtube (The game engine is identical to the PC game), the later - less known levels - can be found here: Stage 2.3.0 looks a bit different, but works the same. But I discourage watching a walkthrough as it takes away all the fun. Once you figured out how to reach a certain point, reaching it again is pretty easy.

- Do not try to beat the whole game at once. It is impossible to do so :P

- I will release the source after close time~ I doubt the game-engine/graphics has any license, but the game-sources were put online and thus I will also give something back to the internet (even though I do not believe they will be of any use ^^)

Download: The file is too big to upload it to the forum in one part. Thus I splitted it in an rar-archive. But you can also download it here:

## Incase I still find something to change there still will be another version on the 20th! Thus, this only is an Release Candidate for now I released to maybe get some feedback ##

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Re: [NDS] SyobonAction DS
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2012, 05:20:02 AM »

are you also the author of the PSP release or did you just port it to the DS?

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Re: [NDS] SyobonAction DS
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2012, 06:59:25 AM »

are you also the author of the PSP release or did you just port it to the DS?

Nope, I'm not the author of the PSP/Wii/Whatever port. There were several "attemps" on porting it to the DS, but noone ever showed anything.
The problem was, porting it to everything with over 100Mhz and 50+MB RAM just ment to replace about 10-20 lines of code in the PC-Sources. SDL-Supported plattforms (like WII) just had to change the input calls.

But the DS has no "easy wrapper" like WII has. Using any "easy libraries" like PALib/NFLib would fail due to loading complexity. I had to write every output/draw functions on my own (almost, I used some PALib-3DSprite functions, but as I took part in fixing/stabilizing them in the old times, they don't realy count as alien-code :p) to the needs of the engine.
In addition I also had to significantly improve the original functions to run laggfree on the DS processor.

(but the develkit have to be more usable, stable, and less changes of API)
The guy in the source you posted said this in 2012. The NDS develkit (libnds) is stable since ages, and changes hardly happen, and even if they change it, old stuff is still supported (even almost all stuff marked as depricated back from 2009~2010 still works).
He probably just was used to stuff like "DrawBMPfile("path");" lol. That's what PSP/WII/etc higher-level libraries offer. The DS simply doesn't.

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Re: [NDS] SyobonAction DS
« Reply #3 on: June 17, 2013, 11:52:28 PM »
First: Sorry for starting this topic again.
But now for the real text: Since a friend started playing Cat Mario on the PC i wanted this too, but on my nds. I found this topic, downloaded the game and had to realize it actually don't works.
My system is a NDS lite with an ordinary M3DS Real.
I tried running the game on: - TouchPod 4.9a x (freezing at "DLDI-screen")
                                              - M3 Sakura 1.4? (whitescreen)
                                              - YSMenu 6.99 (freezes at half of loading bar in menu)
On my computer it runs perfectly (tried with no$gba).
If someone can help, pls do so!