Author Topic: Quite a few questions before i buy a SNES Myth in 2013!!!  (Read 4255 times)

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Quite a few questions before i buy a SNES Myth in 2013!!!
« on: December 30, 2012, 02:43:18 AM »
Ok so here are a few questions that i have since i am waiting an eternity for a nes myty and it seems like the end of the world might just come before it makes it into the light of day.  I wanted that to be my first kart but i will just make myself an eternal rain check on that one just in case it ever sees light of day!!!

1.  Are there any USA sellers?  It seems like the only one that i know of selling your carts or at least can find selling your carts is  I would love to buy from a us reseller if there are any available.

2.  If i have to end up buying from what is the difference between the The NEO SNES/SFC Myth cart SPEC v1 and the The NEO SNES/SFC Myth cart SPEC v2?  From the looks of it it looks only like cheat support but please correct me if i am wrong.

3.  Will both of them play the exact same amount of games that are playable they both show the same but i was wondering.  What exactly are the games that the carts will not play?  Why will they not play these games?  Will there ever be another cart made to support the unsupported games as well?

4.  How big of an SD card can you use with this cart?  Can you use a Normal and micro with the adapter or just micros with the adapter?

5.  Can i use any cheat codes or do the cheat codes have to be converted to some kind of an alternate format for usability? 

6.  I really do not understand bedsides the cheat support how much better your cart is than the ever drive cart minus its no cheating feature?  What can your cart do that the ever drive can not do besides the cheat codes feature wise?

I think that is about it for the questions for now.  I look forward to some good answers and replies. 

Thank you,


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Re: Quite a few questions before i buy a SNES Myth in 2013!!!
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2012, 05:58:32 PM »
2. I don't know what "SPEC v1" and "SPEC v2" refers to, so Dr Neo would have to answer that. What I can say is that I've developed the menu software using one of the earliest cart revisions, so having a "v1" or "v2" shouldn't matter. The only thing that really matters is which firmware version you have on it (the firmware is upgradeable, although a separate piece of hardware is needed for the upgrading process).
Cheat code support does not depend on which version of the cart you've got, the "v1" product page is just out of date (i.e. it was written before I added cheat code support to the menu).

3. They should. As with pretty much every SNES flash cart, any game on this list won't work. The exception is DSP-1 games, which can be played if you've got an original cart with a DSP-1 chip plugged into the back of the SNES Myth.

4. I've only used normal sized ones myself. I don't see why a mini/micro SD with an adapter wouldn't work as well if it has the same pins, but I can't say for sure.

5. Cheat codes can be written in both Game Genie and Action Replay format.

6. I'm not really familiar with the SNES Everdrive so it's hard to say. I just try to add stuff to the menu that I think is fun and/or useful. For example, there's support for zipped ROMs (as long as they're <=8Mbit).
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Re: Quite a few questions before i buy a SNES Myth in 2013!!!
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2013, 01:18:46 PM »
the "SPEC v1" and "SPEC v2" is depend with which firmware with the snes myth cart using, at this moment all snes myth cart are use the last firmware and come with SPEC v2 for sure.
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