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Nickname: BassAceGold
Project Name: BAGASMI R7 - BassAceGold's psuedo-ASM Interpreter
From: Canada
Division: APP
Platform: NDS (Windows and Linux / Supercard DS2 Supported are also supported)
Original Enter: No
Support Motion: No
Open Source: Yes
In a past NEO Compo this project won in the top 10: No

I entered this program last year and there was much confusion as to what this actually did. So this year, after a bunch of core changes towards the NDS platform release, and the addition of an actual written tutorial, I hope to make this program a little more accessible.  ::sm-15.gif::

BAGASMI is a portable scripting language (Multiplatform) that takes on a syntax similar to that of assembly programming. This scripting languages can be embedded into various programs for handling misc. jobs and duties. Otherwise, this program is simply a toy for the programmer who is bored.

Performance wise, it is quite capable on the NDS. A bunch of script demos are included for you guys to try out and read, to check out how it works. I am also working on a built in text editor, but right now I'm not sure It'll be finished in time. There are other text editors on the NDS that are much better than I could make instantly for now, and you can even use your PC to type up these scripts, so the text editor isn't a priority.

Code: [Select]
Updates in the NDS binary for RC7 include:
-Added a file browser. The file browser is the first thing to load, and also appears
after a script has completed running.
-Updated code base. The NDS version was discontinued a while ago, but now has
been updated to the current code-base of BAGASMI
-Can now grab the current date and time in script
-Added more basic input and output functions (pad new presses, drawing lines, etc)

The BAGASMI tutorial can be found here (Source can be found with the source tab):

Some images:

NDS Binary download with demo scripts:

-Copy BAGASMI_DS.nds to anywhere on NDS card
-Copy BAGASMI_DEMO folder to anywhere on card
-You can browse the entire card in BAGASMI to search for your demos, so just run the NDS card after

Please, if there are any corrections that need to be made in the tutorial, let me know and I shall make the corrections as soon as I can. If there are any questions, please ask!

EDIT: Formatting, and forgot to mention that this will require the use of homebrew menu, or an equivalent menu to run.
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