Author Topic: How to install the NEO SlimLoader IV/SMS4 driver in Windows 8/10 @ 32bit/64bit  (Read 24894 times)

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How to install the NEO SlimLoader IV/SMS4 driver in Windows 8/10 @ 32bit/64bit ?

The new win8 and win10 has make some trouble to end user when they try to install the SL4/SMS4 driver,so here we give out the step by step installation guide.
Now, we try to install SL4 in win10 x64,follow me.

[1] Right click the Neo Manager EXE file, and choose "Run as administrator" to run.

[2] Click "Next"

[3] Click "Install"

[4] Click "Yes"

[5] And "Next"

[6] can see trouble appear, SL4 driver install failed!

[7] Anyway, finish it firstly.

[8] Now goto "C:\Program Files (x86)\NEO2\Driver\XP_or_Later\amd64" , right click "DPInst.exe" and choose "Run as administrator" to run ,try to install SL4 driver again.
For some other special CPUs, maybe you need choose "C:\Program Files (x86)\NEO2\Driver\XP_or_Later\ia64\DPInst.exe" this file to run.

If your system is 32 bit, then you need select "C:\Program Files (x86)\NEO2\Driver\XP_or_Later\DPInst.exe" this file.

[9] When we try to install it in the WIN10 32bit, it going well and install complete directly. So if you are lucky, SL4 driver will install successful in your system, now you can ignore the below content already:D

[10] OK, now start to install it through a little complex way. Click STAR icon and select "Settings"

[11] Click "Devices"

[12] And click "Device manager"

[13] Now you can see the SL4 device show as "USB POWER KIT" and the status is driver not install complete yet.

[14] Here we try to install this driver by manually. Right click and select "Update Driver Software"

[15] Select "Browse my computer for driver software"

[16] Click "Browse"

[17] Goto "amd64" folder

[18] Click "Next"

[19] You will see this digital signature warning message, we have to disable it to make the driver installing workable.

[20] Click STAR icon and select "Settings" again.

[21] Click "Update & security"

[22] Click "Restart now"

[23] Click "Troubleshoot"

[24] Click "Advanced options"

[25] Click "Startup Settings"

[26] Click "Restart"

[27] Press "F7" or "7" to start win10 again.

[28] Then, repeat the installation step [10] to [18] again, you will see this warning message, click "Install this driver software anyway"

[29] bingo!

Now you can see the SlimLoader IV have been install succeed!

enjoy it :D

PDF download:
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I'm on Windows 10 x64, and I did manage to install the drivers, but I'm having huge problems with getting things to work. My Neo Myth MD won't detect at all. I bought a bunch of Neo devices some years back, paid hundreds of dollars, and now I'm pretty much unable to use them. Is there an alternative software to the Neo2 Manager? It seems extremely problematic. Even the GUI doesn't display correctly, with the top bar missing and glitching.

I'd buy the Neo3 SD cartridge, but I don't feel like I can trust Neo products at this point. Neo Myth MD doesn't work on my WonderMega at all, and even though I did report this, it was never fixed or even considered.

I wish you could at least develop new software for modern platforms, because at this point I'd have to buy a whole bunch of Everdrives, since my Neo carts aren't working like they should.

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hi, the neo manager is work with win10 64bit pretty good,here is the ic2005 test report:

if you have problem still, should use a clean install win10 to try again,it should work. ::sm-22.gif::
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