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The dildo to measure
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Tips for anal *** without pain: That's how it works
Why do women associate anal *** with pain?
5 reasons why men are so on anal intercourse
*** toy for men
That anal *** can be painful for women is because the opening of the anus is very tight and not as easily stretchable as the vagina. In addition, the intestinal mucosa is very sensitive and can easily rupture.
If the woman then cramps, the pain increases in addition. The anus can be easily prepared for the anal intercourse with a bit of exercise - the sphincter is basically stretchy enough to absorb the ***** completely painless.
Trust in the Partner is the Alpha and Omne An important requirement for anal *** is that there is trust between you and your partner. Because it's not just that the area is sensitive and vulnerable and can be associated with pain, but it's also about the fact that the anal area more than the genital area is afflicted with shame when it comes to ***.
If something should happen that you may not even feel appetizing, you should not be ashamed of your partner and vice versa. In such an intimate situation, it is important that you feel completely comfortable in the presence of each other.
Anal *** without pain: It's all about relaxation So that you can enjoy anal *** without pain, it is important that you are relaxed and do not cramp. So start thinking about your *** adventure and just let yourself in if you're sure you really want it.
You want to experience this fantasy? Then close your eyes and listen to a fitting short story.
If you are undecided as to whether this type of *** suits you, you can first let some anal caresses flow into your lovemaking or just gently insert one of your fingers into the anus. Make sure that your fingernails are cut and you've washed your hands to prevent injuries and infections.
Tip: Even a small sip of alcohol before anal *** can contribute to more relaxation. But beware: Do not look too deep into the glass, as alcohol can also reduce your sensitivity to pain. And since pain usually indicates that something is wrong, you should not numb it.
Do you like what you feel? Then you can take the next step.
Tips for anal *** without painGleitgel
Gleitgel: Which is the right thing for me?
If you practice anal ***, you should always remember: Unlike the vagina, no secretion is produced in the intestine, which facilitates the penetration. Therefore, you have to help yourself and use a suitable lubricant. If you prevent contraception with condoms, the product must be adjusted to the condom.
Special Anal Lubricants are very viscous and thus provide long-lasting lubricity, which is particularly important in anal ***. In addition, some lubricants also have a slightly numbing effect to reduce possible pain during ***.
Analsprays anal sprays are designed to help the anus to relax and be minimally anesthetized to prevent pain when invading. The spray also has a similar effect as lubricating gel, which should make the penetration of the ***** into the butt once again easier.
Careful stretching and massaging during foreplay The anus' sphincter is a ring-shaped muscle. Many women find anal *** much more enjoyable when the partner first caresses them with their tongue or massages them with their fingers and thus prefers something.
It can also special *** toys, a so-called butt plug, are used. For beginners, it is recommended to first use a small plug and replace it later, if necessary, by a larger one.
Give your sphincter some time to get used to the fingers or the *** toys and slowly but surely stretch. Only then should your partner try to penetrate carefully into your butt.
The painless practice of anal ***
The ultimate to-do list before anal ***
Now that you have implemented the previous tips, you can plunge into the anal *** adventure. Most importantly, your partner only slowly and carefully penetrates you. Best of all, he only introduces the glans at first and stays that way until you get used to it.
While stimulating your clitoris or breasts with your hands, the sphincter usually relaxes automatically after some time.
Anal ***: Tips for BeginnersFor the first time it is especially important that your partner does not penetrate too deeply and does not move too fast, as the anus is very sensitive. In order to have everything under control during anal ***, a position like the rider position is best in which you determine the pace and the intensity. So you have the opportunity to respond immediately to possible pain.
And one thing you should always consider: Not every day is a good day for anal intercourse. If you can not relax, try another day.
So you can avoid "brown accidents" The anus is primarily designed for excretions, which is why in anal play the risk of unpleasant "brown accidents" is given. But there are a few tips you can use to reduce this risk:
Toilet walk before ***
In the days before put on light food with lots of fiber, as it promotes digestion and emptied the intestine.
Use a condom. This prevents possible faeces residues from reaching the male's ***** and also protects against ***ually transmitted diseases such as HIV or syphilis. Remember: In anal ***, the danger is particularly high to transmit pathogens, as it is particularly easy to tissue damage!
Never change the hole, because with a change from the anal to the vaginal traffic bacteria and germs can get from the intestine into the vagina.
That's what the editors say: Anal *** gives many men an intense kick and it can also be an asset to women. With confidence, empathy and a few precautions, both get their money's worth with this *** adventure. But it is important that you really want it and not only for the sake of your partner. If it is a torment for you, let it be better. After all, there are many other exciting *** positions!
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